Music In The Digital Era

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Music in the Digital Era Music is an art that has existed for thousands of years, and over that vast amount of time, music has evolved. From the Medieval period to the classical, and from the modern to the present era, music has slowly become more and more affiliated with technological industry, including computers and even some smart phones. In today’s style of music, most often the elements and instruments being used are actually not instruments at all, but digital sounds created by a computer synthesizer. Entirely new genres of music have come to fruition through the work of portable DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) including techno, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), and so much more. The use of sound sampling has also enabled musicians to …show more content…
EDM or Electronic Dance Music uses synthesized sounds to create euphoric melodies, and most often even the drums of the song are either synthesized or recorded and modified to sound more electronic. Artists such as Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Zedd have become very popular in the music industry by using some of the same tools that musicians used to create disco music in the 1970s. When comparing both disco and electronic dance music, not much has changed. Obviously the recording methods of songs has become better and more efficient, as a large portion of this musical genre is created using computer software rather than physical recording equipment. EDM also stays true to its roots by following four beats per measure, but in order to appeal to modern music consumers, the tempo of songs actually varies in the modern day and …show more content…
Lately in the music industry, vocal synthetization has been used to create melodies within songs. Vocal synthetization is nothing new to the music industry, however, the methods used to create vocal synthesized music have been evolving over the past decade, and seem to open a gateway to another subgenre that could take the place of Electronic Dance Music in the future.
The main point is that music is bound to change with time; nothing lasts forever. Much criticism was made about disco during its first years, but then everything changed and disco music became one of the most iconic music genres of all time. Eventually, after disco reached the peak of its popularity, new genres were introduced to take its place. Music genres will always cycle their way through time, replacing each other as more and more years pass. The same thing that happened to disco music will most definitely happen to electronic dance music, and so too will it happen for genres that will

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