Classical Music: A Comparison Of Classical And Modern Music

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From the 12th century to the 21st century music has been a way of living. People around the world listen to music every day, even though music has changed drastically over the years. But why did this happen? Music has been changed in many ways and this tells the difference of classical and modern music. For example music has changed by the: adding of effects, change of message and change of purpose. Classical and modern music are both a huge part of music as a whole. Both of these genres compare and contrast in many different ways to make the music we know and love today.

Classical and modern music both compare in different ways, and also have similarities. Like in all music, both of these genres include instruments, but as said before modern music nowadays goes through a much longer process before it is even heard. This is different in the simple, but complex classical music. Both of these genres were also popular in their own era. Classical music was just as popular to people during the Classical Period as modern music is popular nowadays. Many see it hard to compare these genres, because of all the ways they contrast and differ.
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The main difference in these genres are the time periods. Emotions were shown in totally different ways, due to how the song told its story. Classical music shows emotion in the way the instruments play the song. In modern music almost all of the emotion of a song comes from the lyrics and how the singer performs the song. The lyrics tell the story of the song, however classical music is told in many ways due to how there are way less lyrics. This gives people freedom for

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