Romantic Music Vs Classical Music

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The Romantic period of music began in the late 18th century and it spanned until the early 20th century. It was heavily influenced by Romanticism, which was a European movement involving art and literature. Many of the famous early composers from these years were Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Berlioz, and others. The famous later composers include Bruckner, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, and others. This period is recognized as being more emotionally expressive than past periods because it explores themes that had not yet been touched upon. There are many themes that were installed, however, this paper will be discussing the particular influences of nature, the supernatural, and nationalism, as well as the innovations that the period brought. The Romantic period was revolutionary for a number of reasons, one of these being the huge increase of the orchestra. The bass section received an upgrade with the introduction of valves and the tuba. The wind section received the cor anglais, bass clarinet, piccolo, and double bassoon. The string section also expanded in order to …show more content…
It broke boundaries set forth by other periods that had come before it, such as the Classical period, which also reflected society at the time. However, these expressions of society differed greatly. Classical composers had a more gleeful mood in their works, whereas Romantic composers wrote for the inhumane and unjust moods that flooded their time. Classical music was supposed to be an era of variety, where in reality most of the music matched in style due to the normativity of society. Romantic music was personal. Each artist had his own individual and distinct musical flavor. The music’s purpose was to speak for the people with what words couldn’t say. This became more and more possible through the expansion of the orchestra, the implementation of more advanced musical forms, and the use of themes not yet explored such as nature, the supernatural, and

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