Nursing Assistant Personal Statement

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A couple of months ago, I was admitted into The University of Alabama’s upper division nursing program in the Capstone College of Nursing. Filled with excitement, I was eager to start this new journey in life, because nursing was something I was so compassionate about. Little did I know that once I was placed into the program I’d find out it wasn’t the right fit for me at the time. My dream as a little kid was to become a nurse anesthetist and work in a large hospital in Nashville, TN, however, at the age of twenty, I was questioning if that was actually something I wanted to do, or if becoming a Physician Assistant was the route for me. Impulsively, I switched my major to food and nutrition that summer in order to have time for some self reflection on what I truly wanted to do, and that has been one of the best decisions of my life. I learned that if I wanted to go back to nursing school I could always get my bachelors in this degree and then go forward with an accelerated nursing program, or I could use my food and nutrition major towards PA school. My opportunities are still endless, and I’m thrilled to be in a major that I love, yet can advance in with many directions. Coming from nursing, it’s safe to say I was confused the first day in NHM 195 on the different routes you can take if you want be …show more content…
Their most popular practice area is in clinical nutrition, specifically in acute care/inpatient, but many also go to work in the community, consultation and business, or even education and research. I learned that compared to nursing, there are actually more ways to choose from being a dietitian. I like this diversity, because you have leeway during your professional career. If you don’t like working in the hospital, you can always use your degree in a completely different practice without necessarily needing additional

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