Requirements To Becoming A Physician Assistant

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Physician Assistant:
The requirements to become a physician’s assistant includes earning a master’s degree from an accredited physician assistant program. After earning your bachelor’s degree and having healthcare-related work experience, you then need to apply to a physician assistant program, which usually is around 2 years. After earning your master’s degree, you need to become licensed to become a physician assistant. To become licensed, you must pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. If the pass this exam, you then earn your credential. To stay certified, you must continue education and take a recertification exam every 2 years.
Physician Assistant
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Physician Assistant will always be increasing because we will always need health care in the future. Our population is always increasing each year and there will always be diseases and sickness in the world so that means the demand for more physician assistants will continue to increase and always be needed.
The average salary for physician assistant is $90,930.
Physician assistants can work in various settings, but more than half work in offices as health practitioners. Physician assistants may also work in hospitals, outpatient care centers, government, and educational services.
Physician assistants work with diverse populations. Working as a physician assistant, you can deal with any type of population because any person who is sick or injured may come to see you. Some physician assistants may work in a specialized working environment, such as pediatrics, which would mean they would only deal with children.
I am interested in physician assistant because this is the job I hope to become one day. I love the idea of working in a hospital and getting to help people who are sick or injured. I also am very interested in physician assistant because you only need to go to school for 6 years and come out making around $90,000 a
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Seattle, WA.
Physical Therapist:
To become a physical therapist, you must have a bachelor’s degree and have many specific required classes taken, such as anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics, and biology. You then need to apply for physical therapy program to earn your doctorate degree which usually last around 3 years. After earning your degree, you must then pass the National Physical Therapy Examination to become licensed and certified. All states required physical therapists to be licensed. Physical therapists must then continue their education each year to keep their licensure and make sure they are always as fully educated as possible.
Physical therapists helped ill or injured patients improved movement and rehabilitation and make a treatment plan to help them recover and reach a certain goal. They spend most of their day on their feet, helping their patients perform certain exercises or movements to treat their injuries. They also spend a lot of time making a treatment plan for their patients to

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