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  • The Importance Of Physical Therapy

    Since the polio epidemic and World War I in the early 1900’s, physical therapist have been an essential part of the health care system. As each decade progressed, physical therapy have morphed from its infancy stage into a significant part of rehabilitation. During these changes in health care to include the modernization and advancement of medicine, it has become apparent that physical therapy are needed in the various parts of patient care. With 50 states that currently authorize direct care, physical therapy has become more accessible. Taking all of this into account, physical therapist are utilized in various practices within health care such as acute care, aquatics, cardiovascular/pulmonary, integumentary, geriatrics, neuromuscular, oncology…

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  • BORE Model

    Over the course of this fall semester, I have gained a wealth of knowledge from the Professional Issues I course. Through the development of skills for application of various theories and concept, that relate to learning, teaching, communicating and motivating others. Which are important “tools” for my “toolbox” as a future Physical Therapist. Therefore, the purpose of this final paper is to address the following topics to demonstrate this knowledge. First, the application of the BORE model of…

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  • Benefits Of Physical Therapy

    Being depended on by hundreds of athletes, men, women, young adults is what a physical therapist goes through day in and day out. They are counted on on to get people back to full health after an injury or accident. When seeking a career as a physical therapist, a person should look at aspects such as responsibilities, requirements, skills necessary, its salary, and its prospects, but even more importantly is preparing oneself by attending Texas A&M that will offer the best training possible.…

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  • Process Essay: Dry Needling In Physical Therapy

    Dry Needling in Physical Therapy In physical therapy there are a heap of techniques used to ease, relieve, and ultimately get rid of pain. Everything from physical rehab to psychological and mental rehab are used across the US, but one new technique is beginning to raise a lot of questions and concerns behind its practices. Dry needling is a safe and effective technique used to treat myofascial pain, which is a chronic condition that affects the tissues that cover the muscles. The current issue…

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  • Physical Therapy Research Paper

    Physical Therapy Physical therapists, sometimes called PT’s, help injured or ill people improve their movement and manage their pain. Physical therapists determine a patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, and plan of care that describes evidence-based treatment strategies and some anticipated functional outcomes. The first professional physical therapy association was created in 1921. It was called “the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association.” With the advent of World War II and a…

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  • Physical Therapy And Down Syndrome Essay

    Physical Therapy/ Down Syndrome Physical Therapy has been playing a role in most people 's life for as long as they can remember. From teaching children how to walk, to teaching the elderly too. Physical therapy has helped people in many ways, from injured people who need to relearn everything to helping children who have Down Syndrome learn everything. Physical therapy is a major part of a lot of people’s life and you may not even know it. There are many types of therapy, Speech therapy,…

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  • The Career Of Physical Therapy

    (John F. Kennedy) once said,“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” When she was in 6th grade her aunt had worked at Schultz Chiropractic Center. She would always watch how she treats her patients and she was so amazed by the great massage that she was giving to her patients. The career of a physical therapist is a laborious and a big responsibility because the new patients and fixing their…

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  • The History Of Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy one of the biggest and most rewarding fields in health care today. There are plenty of opportunities for Physical Therapists help everyday people to overcome pain, restore mobility, and lead independent lives. As a Physical Therapist you can with people of all ages and backgrounds. Who are suffering from temporary or long term pain and disability’s caused by injury or disease. By becoming a physical therapist, you work closely with numerous personalities and qualities. Now I…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: A Career In Physical Therapy

    what career you might want when you grow up? 1. I have, and for me it has always been physical therapy. Other career ideas have come and gone, but physical therapy tends to always be the one I come back to. Both of my parents are physical therapists, which has intrigued me. Getting to be around people with this career has let me see some of the amazing things about it, and some of the not-so-amazing things. When choosing a career in physical therapy, it is important for me to consider each…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Easy Career Of Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy allows people who are weak and hurt a chance to get back to being as well as they were before. Physical therapy is a fairly easy career to get started. It has many opportunities and benefits. Physical therapy helps restore the human body back to normal function for people that have been injured, born with defects, or various other reasons. Like many other careers in the world, physical therapists have to meet certain education requirements. Physical therapy offers many different…

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