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  • The Ideal Gas Law

    The Ideal Gas Law relates several variables of state of an ideal gas with the following equation: P V = n R T, where P is the pressure of the gas in atmospheres, V is the volume of the gas in liters, n is moles of the gas, and T is the temperature of the gas in Kelvin degrees. R is the ideal gas constant. The Ideal Gas Law is a combined summary of Boyle’s Law, Charles’s Law, and the Avogadro’s Law. This Law works best under low pressure, room temperature (298K) environments because these environments allow gases to behave ideally, namely to assume that these gas molecules are point masses with no significant volume, experience little interaction with each other, and that all collisions (whether with each other or with the walls of the container)…

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  • Ideal Gas Law Experiment

    Introduction: In this experiment, the molar mas of the chemical used for combustion in a lighter will be determined by using several methods. A flask will be filled to its max capacity and then filled with that gas. After that, the ideal gas law will be used to find mm (the molecular mass of a substance). The equation will be changed to mm=gRT/PV instead of the usual PV=nRT. There are several gas laws exhibited in this experiment. Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures allows us to determine the…

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  • The Theme Of Friendship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    The death of Candy’s dog foreshadows the oncoming death of Lennie. George comes to his own realization that the ideal life he is seeking will never occur. It is an impossible goal for the two of them. Thus, George feels sympathy for Lennie and decides that it will be best for the both of them if he kills Lennie. When George was asked how he killed Lennie, he responded simply, ‘“I just done it.”’ (107) A tragic ending of Lennie’s life, but it was necessary for the continuation of George’s life as…

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  • Main Characteristics Of Utopia And Dystopia

    Food is distributed fairly and meals are shared. The people worked on farms and learned a useful trade such as weaving or carpentry. They work days were 6 hours and they shared the work load equally. The only citizens exempted from manual labor are those who show intellectual promises and they study to become priest who could be male or female. The priest conducted services, educate the children act as moral and spiritual guides. Utopians spend their free time to learning and exploring in…

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  • Oscar Wilde The Importance Of Being Earnest Double Life

    Jack and Algy prove this when they choose to change their names and live double lives to find happiness and ‘love’. The whole plot of the play is about the importance of being Earnest, and this evolves around the two main male characters. In order to influence Gwendolen and Cecily of their love to Jack and Algernon, they both profess their name to be ‘Earnest’. For Jack this is when he is with Gwendolen in town, and for Algernon it is when he is out at Jack’s country house with Cecily. Living…

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  • Organic Ideal

    conflict, yet in the aftermath created some new administrative and social ideals. The colonies started to develop new understandings of the societal, fundamental, and economic liberties not exposed to them in England. Even though this introduced new concepts and inspirations, various pressures and strains started to emerge as well. The apprehensiveness of life in a foreign land pushed these demands to reveal themselves in their new environment,…

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  • Enlightenment Ideals

    The Enlightenment period occurred during the eighteenth through nineteenth century all throughout Europe and the Americas. Many were starting to question society and compose ideals that suited their beliefs in the world. In France, England, and most of the countries involved in the Enlightenment period, there were revolutions in order to gain rights and change their government. Natural rights, founded by John Locke, was one of the most useful and important ideals brought up and followed during…

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  • Volume Mixing Ratio Lab Report

    atmospheric composition is 781,000ppmv. The mass mixing ratio is the volume mixing ratio multiplied by the molecular mass of nitrogen all divided by the molecular mass of air. As the molecular mass of air, 28.8g, is higher than the molecular mass of nitrogen, 28g, the mass mixing ratio would be lower than the volume mixing ratio. a) m=F/a m=101300/9.8=10,336 An estimate of the total mass of a column of the atmosphere with a base area of 1m2 is 10,336kg. b) for a 1m2 column at average…

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  • Ideal Of America

    For centuries in America, the ideal of the country as a prominent example of liberty and prosperity has been encapsulated in the country's self-given title "a city upon a hill." This name's origin lies in Governor John Winthrop's 1630 sermon "A Modell of Christian Charity," in which he shares his vision of making the Massachusetts Bay colony the world's pinnacle of godliness, peace, and fraternity. Since then it has evolved into a sentiment applied to the United States as a whole, which is that…

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  • The Ideal American

    From the year 1776 up until now, over 318 million people call themselves an American Citizen and follow their own path in life that they have set out for themselves. The ideal American, is part of a race that shows patriotism for their country, they have freedoms, rights and protection that allow them opportunities to work and get an education because, they have high visions and hope to become successful in this new world. As one drives down the side streets of an American city neighborhood,…

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