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  • Theories Of Interpersonal Relationships

    has made it easier than ever to meet people and take the first steps towards creating a relationship. Five theories that have proven most useful when it comes to navigating interpersonal relationships, especially in today’s technology dependent society, are communication privacy management theory, social information processing theory, cultural variability theory, interaction adaptation theory, and identity management theory. These “communication tools” all connect in how they help one create and maintain their image in interpersonal relationships, specifically in relation to online activity. If all five theories are utilized, there will be a greater chance of longevity and success in cultivating healthy relationships. Knowing when to share information, especially in online relationships where interaction is limited, and how cultures vary in sharing that information all play a role in how we adapt our communication behavior and the type of face we want to put on depending on the setting. These theories complement each other and make interacting online easier. This is why they are included in the communication toolbox. Tool #1: Communication Privacy Management Theory Communication privacy management theory (CPM) is a theory that pertains to how an individual regulates the disclosure of private information and the privacy rules that result from the sharing of such information. This theory most often draws a correlation between disclosing information and the concealment of…

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  • Management Of Spoiled Identity Stigma Analysis

    Since an early age we have been socialized to judge and categorized individuals based on what we see and what we consider “normal,” therefore, any deviation from that is considered something strange, unnatural which is more than likely to obtain a negative label; stigma. For the most part, first impressions are sufficient to make up our minds in regards to someone’s personality. It is this limited mindset that erases the personal attributes of individuals, and does not allow us to look behind…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of SSO

    Introduction Nowadays it seems like you can’t even access half of the websites you would like to with using some sort of authentication. To help solve this issue a large number of websites have created login systems that are centralized. The centralized systems supply users with an electronic identity of sorts which is better known as a federated identity. This paper will discuss some problems that can arise when not having SSO in place, some advantages and disadvantages when using SSO for AD…

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  • Difference Between Identity Management Theory And Snapchat

    “As digital technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, it is necessary to rethink how our devices fundamentally alter the nature of our identity” (Hess 1). Hess argues that through the use of digital technologies, our identities are altered and changed. A way that we form our identities has been studied through the Identity Management Theory which explains, “How cultural identities are negotiated through development of an interpersonal relationship. It is based on a particular view of…

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  • Concepts Of Identity In Sociology

    to analyze the behavior through certain concepts. With the help of media we are able to demonstrate these concepts to give us a more in-depth view of how they function. Both television shows and movies can be great for giving us the illustrations we need to understand an idea. Over the course of the essay, Dexter will be used as a model for some of the ideas focused on in Sociology. Through the concept of identity, a piece of self, we can dive deeper into how humans manage impressions and…

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  • Social Categorisation Process

    When individuals care about the group they belong to they will be motivated to accentuate the identity of their groups and protect, defend and improve the value afforded to those groups and their members (Ellemers & Haslam, 2012). In some instances this process can be to the detriment of other groups and their members (Tajfel, 1978c). Identity management strategies. There are certain strategies that individuals in groups can adopt in order to address the low-status of their social groups and in…

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  • Identity Status In John Erikson's 'The Criminal'

    Identity status John Bender is a victim of child abuse who acts like “the criminal” at his school because he lacks attention and direction, has a weak sense of trust, little autonomy and no commitments. According to Erikson, John Bender “The Criminal” is suffering from role confusion which is “lack of direction and definition of self” (Later Adolescence, March 29, 2016, Slide #6) and occupies the identity diffusion status which is “a state in which there has been little exploration or active…

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  • Dramaturgy: Appearance And Manner By Erving Goffman

    In this essay I am going to give a description of Erving Goffman’s dramaturgical approach. I am going to define dramaturgy and how this work by Erving Goffman was influenced by Kenneth Burke. I will explain this concept of dramaturgy through Goffman’s main ideas of the presentation of self and also impression management. Within these concepts are a number of ideas that help Goffman relate life to that of a play. I will assess the dramaturgical approach of Erving Goffman. Finally, by applying…

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  • Themes In Sylvia Sylviah's Mirror By Sylvia Plath

    Sylvia Plath had a troubled life. She tried to commit suicide once, but failed. She ended up marrying and having two kids, but the marriage ended in divorce. She later tried to commit suicide again, this time she succeeded. As seen in the poem Mirror, if we aren’t content with our reflection or focus too much on finding ourselves through the mirror, we will end up losing ourselves and never find happiness, just like Plath. We need to find ourselves without looking in the mirror, because if…

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  • Do You Agree With Erickson's Theory

    the ability to know one’s self is important when entering a relationship; the individuals have developed a base-line of self-identity. For the purpose of this assignment, I would believe that I agree with Erickson’s theory, as an individual enters into a relationship they do make changes due to growth with another individual. In my opinion, I feel that an individual, who has developed their sense of self, knows their occupation, lifestyle and what type of person they are looking for have a…

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