Review Of Trent Reedy's Divided We Fall

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Divided We Fall

I read the novel Divided We Fall by the author Trent Reedy. If I were to give this book an alternative title it would be The First Shot. The story provided me with entertaining and plentiful details that helped develop the setting. Something that truly surprised me was the fact that the main characters’ actions in such a small town effected the rest of the country. If there was something I could bring into my life from the story, it would be the impressive and futuristic technology. One important social issue that came to mind while reading this was the issue of the governments rising control. 1.) The reason I would give this book such a title as The First Shot would be because it was literally the first shot of a new
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If I had to pick just one thing I would pick the personal assistants that each of the characters in the book has. The characters in the book refer to them as “comms”. These are essentially like cell phones except they act like real human beings. You can talk to them or even have a full conversation with them. They are like little pocket sized super computers. This would make my life much easier since it would allow me to stay much more organized and on top of things. I noticed the comms throughout the entire story, and I think that I took the most notice to these when the Federal government attempted to arrest Danny by tracking the location of his comm. The sheriff, who was also tracking it to keep him safe intervened, resulting in the Federal agents going to jail and Danny being set free from their custody. So, I think that the comms were a large part of the story and were very useful to the character and I’m sure that this could be very useful to me as …show more content…
This led me to think that this book should be called The First Shot due to Danny firing the one shot that set the story in motion. This story portrayed its setting very well by providing examples of futuristic elements as well as real life locations such as Boise, Idaho. This book also included countless examples of surprises, both big and small, including my surprise when I saw what all Daniel’s one shot caused. Since this story was set in a futuristic time period, there were many items that would be very useful in modern life especially the characters comms. The social issue in the story and the social issue we have today were strikingly similar in this

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