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  • Cryotherapy After Tka Essay

    Cryotherapy after a TKA Throughout the years we put a lot of stress on our body’s joints. As we age we may find certain joints start causing us a lot of pain and problems due to wear and tear on the body. The knee joint is one of those joints that tolerates a lot of wear and tear throughout the years due to holding a lot of body weight and the motions it performs on an everyday bases. As we start aging people start developing pain in the knee which can be caused be osteoarthritis or other issues. Once this occurs it is usually recommend to have surgery done on the knee to help alleviate the pain and gain ROM back into the joint. Once the surgery is done the patient will be placed in physical therapy where they will be treated with modalities and exercises. This is why I chose the article “Does advanced cryotherapy reduce pain and narcotic consumption after knee arthroplasty” to back up why we use cryotherapy on TKA patients (Thienpont, 2014). Background A recent random control trial was run to see if advanced cryotherapy was to see if advanced cryotherapy compared to cold pack results in better pain control after surgery, resulting in low narcotic consumption, better early ROM and less swelling and bleeding (Thienpont, 2014). There has been other research done that is about cryotherapy but none that is just like this trial. Other research that has been done is comparing other cold treatments like cyopneumatics, cooled compression and how cryotherapy effects different things…

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  • Acquisition Of Yeti Coolers Company

    profitability and revenue from selling their own coolers for…

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  • Pelican Coolers Case Study

    Pelican Coolers Pelican products have been made for extreme conditions and are being used in defence, emergency services and expeditions in extremely remote areas. These coolers are now available to you. Whether you are out in the wild game viewing, or far out at sea catching fish or having a leisurely Sunday cruise the Pelican cooler is for you. They are designed to keep ice for days on end even in extreme conditions such as deserts. Cooler Comparison Pelican ProGear Cooler 35Qt Pelican Elite…

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  • The Importance Of Cellulose Padss

    The purpose of this research paper was to determine the influence of cellulose and date palm pad on cooling efficiency, low cost, and reduced temperatures. A study was undertaken to compare the two types of pads to determine the cooling efficiency, low cost, and reduced temperatures. The study found that cellulose pads gave high cooling efficiency, but at the same time increased the total cost. Date palm pads saved water compared to cellulose pads. The cost of using the date palm pad was less…

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  • Cooler Than Me Song Critique

    The song Cooler Than Me, is a debut single by an American singer and songwriter named Mike Posner. Cooler Than Me is a dance-pop type of music. Mike Posner was born February 12, 1988 in Southfield MIchigan. Since it was released it peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Top 100. It also reached number one on Billboard Hot Dance Airplay. Mike Posner has another version named “Gigamesh Remix” that was released on Mike Posner’s October 2009 mixtape, One Foot out of Door. Mike posner is known for…

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  • Assignment 1: A Case Study: Canyon Coolers

    Canyon Coolers Review When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors from your boat, your tent, or your truck, a good cooler can make all the difference. You want a cooler that can keep your favorite beverages and snacks cold for as long as you are outside. You want it to be built to last. You may even want for it to serve multiple purposes, be easy to carry, and easy to clean. In the past, everyone felt that a Grizzly or a Yeti cooler was the only high end cooler that could keep up with the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Our Favorite Fishing Cooler

    Our Favorite Fishing Cooler We are a family that spends a lot of time in the great outdoors. We love taking our boat out for the weekend and during the summer, we spend even more time out on the open water. For us, there is nothing better than the thrill of catching the big one, even when we do end up with just as many fish tales about the ones we almost caught. However, our fishing trips out would not be worth much if we didn’t have a good cooler along on the trip with us. That is why when we…

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  • Yeti Vs Grizzlly Coolers Case Study

    Although both Yeti and Grizzly coolers are two of the most popular ice chest on the market Yeti has been proven to be the better choice because it is built with a more suitable structure, a more valuable performance rate and extra accessories to please their customers. Customers across the United States have used ice chest for many things such as hunting trips, fishing trips, tailgating, and barbecues. There is no perfect choice when picking an ice chest to meet all the standards preferred by…

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  • Cape Pond Ice Job Analysis

    business from an outdoor cooler. I knew this because I always went in the store as a child before little league games. As I walked in I received a nice greeting and started a friendly conversation with the owner. We talked about what I was up to and I built our relationship. I threw out the idea of putting an icebox outside his store so that the parents of the little league players could buy ice to keep their coolers cold. He loved the idea and immediately wanted me to get him a cooler for the…

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  • Process Essay: When Your First Walk Into The Workplace

    first isle of the store. The first isle consists of bags of chips on the left and two liter bottles of pop on the right. As you walk forward there is a cooler with beer as you turn left to enter the next aisle the next few coolers are mixed with pop, milk, and gatorade. The second aisle is more bags of chips on the left as well as some doughnuts on the left then on the right is pretzels, nuts, and crackers. Isle number three has granola bars and candy, then number four has batteries, tampons and…

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