The Importance Of Cellulose Padss

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The purpose of this research paper was to determine the influence of cellulose and date palm pad on cooling efficiency, low cost, and reduced temperatures. A study was undertaken to compare the two types of pads to determine the cooling efficiency, low cost, and reduced temperatures. The study found that cellulose pads gave high cooling efficiency, but at the same time increased the total cost. Date palm pads saved water compared to cellulose pads. The cost of using the date palm pad was less than the cellulose pads. Date palm pad decreased water, and declined the temperatures. The benefits of using date palm pads were more numerous than using cellulose pads.
Keywords: Evaporative cooling, Cooling efficiency, pad, Date palm pad,
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In my country, Iraq, we have 25 million palm date trees. I conducted research about the fiber of this tree, and the result showed performance well, because this material has the ability to keep water for a long time in the hot weather. The prices of replacing the cellulose pads every summer will cost approximately $5.000 for each house in the farm, and if the farm has 8 houses, the cost will be about $ 40.000 each summer. The researchers made pads from the date palm; they used a new material from agricultural waste. The date palm pad is more effective, and has the ability to reduce the temperature more than other materials because the structure has the ability to keep the water more than other materials. Furthermore, this pad needs less time to saturate than other pads. In addition, date palm pads are free. Also, this pad is made from agricultural waste (Alodan &Al-Faraj, 2005). The pad is made from date palm materials that are cheaper in price, lighter in weight, longer in useful life, as well as more highly efficient in cooling than other pad types. But there is a disadvantage of using date palm pads, since there are not machines and equipment to manufacture this kind of pad. All the steps of making this kind of pad is by hand, which may cause an irregular shape in some …show more content…
They used many formulas to calculate the indicators such as heat, and evaporative cooling efficiency, and compared these with paper pads. All those elements are important to make evaporative cooling work in a good performance during hot weather in a poultry house in order to keep the birds alive. The results showed that coconut coir pads give good performance and achieve the goal to reduce air temperature; also they are

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