What Is The Link Between Socioeconomic/Educational Status And Awareness Of Climate Change?

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A. Introduction and Background The urgency of irreversible climate change effects requires mitigation and adaptation tools. The poor minorities of society are expected to be more severely impacted by the effects of climate change; generally, these minorities are less educated and geographically displaced in already problematic and polluted areas. These groups may have less capacity to be prepared and to respond to hazards created by extreme weather events and—even less, to be able to recover from climate disasters. To protect disadvantaged segments of society from extreme climate events, awareness of climate change represents a crucial starting point. My research question is: “Is there a link between socioeconomic/educational status and awareness of climate change?” …show more content…
I hypothesize an inverse relationship between socioeconomic/educational status and denial of climate change, the lower the income and education, the higher the denial of climate change, due to lack of reliable information. The consequence results in a lower capacity to adapt to irreversible climate change effects, representing a social limit in survival ability and recovery after extreme climate

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