Global Warming And Its Effects On The United States

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I thought that this film was incredibly well-made. I greatly appreciated the call-to-action near the film’s end, encouraging viewers to vote for leaders who will fight for climate change, especially since we are nearing a crucial election where one candidate has openly denied the existence of climate change, claiming that it is merely “a hoax” and that global warming is simply “the weather”. This feel made me feel anger, not only at my own ignorance, but at the inability of countries which are greatly contributing to climate change to act, especially the United States. While politicians in the United States are too concerned with fueling their reelection campaigns with the funds provided by interest groups and political action committees (PACs) which benefit as a result of the utilization of fossil fuels, they are refusing to put their political goals aside to address key issues which are not only plaguing the world as we now know it, but the world which future generations will have to struggle to survive in. I am most concerned with powerful corporations bribing governments around the world to let their actions slip under the cracks. Indonesia, for example, is labeled in the film as “one of the most corrupt countries in the world”, as companies bribe public officials for permits. However, I question if the actions of these disgraceful companies in Indonesia are that must different than the actions of interest groups and PACs providing millions of dollars to politicians in

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