Climate Of Doubt Analysis

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Frontline’s Climate of Doubt was a compelling film showing how climate change has become more of a political issue than an environmental one. The film followed correspondent John Hockenberry around the United States as he interviewed several individuals that included scientific specialist, conservative republicans and liberal democrats who may or may not have been holding a position in office at that point in time. He asked simplistic questions surrounding the issue of climate change that could have been answered by anyone who was able to comprehend their own beliefs, however some individuals refused to answer the question directly and the pattern seen behind their response seemed to be associated with their political choices.
It was clear to see that throughout the film there was a trend occurring. Republicans refuse to believe that human-made climate change is an issue and the real question is why they believe such lies. The main reason I saw was because Republicans are paid to believe such a thing. Big fossil fuel corporations like Exxon Mobile and the Koch brothers who own several similar companies spend millions funding these ideas, individuals running for office, and organizations
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If you don’t you will be rejected by the public. A story that so clearly displayed this theory was the story of Bob Inglis, a conservative six-term republican congressman. During his campaign he was asked a question about human-made climate control and answered honestly saying that he believed global warming was being created by humans. Because of this Bob lost his primary that year to an astonishing 79% to 21% all because he didn’t answer one question correctly based upon what the conservative Republican Party believes. This shows that ideology plays too big of a role in an issue that should not be associated with

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