Solar variation

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  • The Natural Causes Of Climate Change

    from the equator to the poles. This process helps cool the equator and warm the poles of our planet. Without this process the equator would be much hotter and the poles would be much colder (Causes of Climate Change). Our oceans help with determining the concentration of carbon dioxide within our atmosphere; therefore, a change in our oceans current could result in a change of our climate. Our sun provides our earth with the energy it needs for its climate system. Although the amount of energy we receive from our sun appears to be constant, it is not. It could be reasonable to assume that as the suns output of energy changes so would our climate (Causes of Climate Change). From 1650 to 1850, there was a little ice age due to a decrease in solar activity. This caused Greenland to be cut off by ice from about 1410 – 1700s (Causes of Climate…

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  • Climate Change Vs Environment

    The words climate change invoke disagreement and debate, especially when addressing the arguments of Steffen et al. and Idso et al. Steffen et al. argue that variations in CO2 levels, caused by industrialization, are significant enough to create a new epoch called the anthropocene. Meanwhile, Idso et al. argue that climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon within normal ranges, which will be beneficial to the environment. Both articles focus on the origins and effects of climate change;…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Newspaper Article Analysis

    The Guardian takes science journalism seriously. Maybe it’s because it is so close to the Royal Society of Science, one of two places that shaped how Western Europeans do and talk about science, and the one responsible for elevating Issac Newton to science God and leaving Gottfried Leibniz a broken man who died homeless and intestate. Or maybe the Guardian wants to make sure scientists are heard and understood so others do not suffer because someone is petty, self-interested, or self-righteous.…

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  • Analysis Of Apocalypse Soonish: The End Times Roll On By Kevin Williamson

    Kevin Williamson writes in his essay “Apocalypse Soonish: The End Times Roll On” regarding the evergoing discussion of climate change and humanity 's’ love for apocalyptic drama. Williamson is an excellent writer who knows how to engage the reader with humor and wry comparisons as well as point out some obvious trends within the past that show how dramatic civilization can be. However, his frequent disregard for the consequences of the warming 's effects, inability to keep a concise argument and…

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  • Essay On Climate Of Doubt

    Thoughts in climate of doubt Waleed Aldakhil SCIE 2320-14 Thoughts on Climate of Doubt Everyone likes to live in better life, healthy environment with such a pleasant weather and loving life longer. Thus, challenging ourselves to make it happen when we are the society need to make a development of this case specifically the debate of climate doubt. Consequently, in this paper what am going to write are the thoughts and opinions of the arguments especially on the subject…

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  • Robert Mulvaney Summary

    temperature of the Antarctica Peninsula at the time that the layers of snow that were formed was figured out by looking at the ratio of hydrogen’s isotopes. Deuterium is hydrogen with a neutron while, protium is hydrogen without any neutrons. It takes more energy to evaporate the heavier isotope, deuterium, from the ocean. When the clouds are formed from the evaporation, there will be a lower ratio of protium to deuterium. That ratio is in the snow that was formed. To show the changes in the…

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  • The Importance Of Public Education On Climate Change

    Since the late 20th century, scientists have increasingly been joining the climate change movement to help spread public awareness on the global warming problem. Known by most as the “Green” movement, it’s clear that public education on climate change has become increasingly present. However, there’s one thing about being education about climate change and another about taking a proactive role against climate change. Many individuals say they are concerned with global warming, but live a…

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  • Analysis Of Kate Larson's 'Resource Conservative'

    Larson, Kate. 2 March 2016. “ReSource Conservative” The speaker, Kate Larson spoke on behalf of ReSource Conservative. Larson talked about how Colorado’s population is projected to double by the year 2050 and about Colorado’s standing as a “headwater state”. She talked of how the growing population and usage of natural resources such as water is problematic for her field of environmental conservation in Colorado. She then talked about Resource and its helpful environmental programs such as…

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  • Disadvantages Of Having Global Treaty For Climate Change

    Problems of having global treaty for climate change. There are always some advantage and disadvantage to any kind of law. The same is applied to having the global law for climate change, but there more disadvantage than having advantage of global climate change policy. The main disadvantage of having global law will be on many developing and underdeveloped in this word that need the cheap resource of energy to develop. If there are global treaty for climate change then these countries won’t…

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  • Importance Of Global Climate Change

    After giving and discussing the lesson with the class. I will show the students a video giving different reasons of what causes global climate change. In order to assure active learning of lower level students, I will assign the students an activity where they sit in groups of four. The four students in each group have to create two collages, one for natural causes and one for human causes, and give five statements on each collage of why global warming is a natural cause or a human cause. Two…

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