Global Warming: The Natural Causes Of Global Climate Change

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Climate change is a problem that the entire world is dealing with. As our planet warms our weather pattern continues to change towards a more severe path. Species are dying off as a result of the world warming up. Observing the pattern of the warming of the globe over the past 30 years has people asking the scientific question, is global climate change man-made? We are going to go over the natural causes of climate change, what is causing the process to speed up, and what the people of the planet can do to slow the process.
Global climate change is a natural process of our world. What happens is the sun brings its heat and energy into our climate system (Global Warming Facts and Our Future, 2011). The majority of the heat and energy is taken in by our oceans and land. What is not absorbed radiates away from
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The ocean current transports a large amount of heat and energy across our planet (Causes of Climate Change). The oceans current take cold water from the poles to the equator and then it takes warm water from the equator to the poles. This process helps cool the equator and warm the poles of our planet. Without this process the equator would be much hotter and the poles would be much colder (Causes of Climate Change). Our oceans help with determining the concentration of carbon dioxide within our atmosphere; therefore, a change in our oceans current could result in a change of our climate.
Our sun provides our earth with the energy it needs for its climate system. Although the amount of energy we receive from our sun appears to be constant, it is not. It could be reasonable to assume that as the suns output of energy changes so would our climate (Causes of Climate Change). From 1650 to 1850, there was a little ice age due to a decrease in solar activity. This caused Greenland to be cut off by ice from about 1410 – 1700s (Causes of Climate

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