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Global warming has been a widely talked about subject for many years. Although it has become such a controversial topic, it is indisputable that there has been a change in the climate in recent history and continues to do so. Over the past one hundred and thirty- five years that data has been collected, copious amounts of climatologists have piloted research and investigations that proves global warming is an ongoing threat to Earth as a result of humans negligence. Furthermore, there is a mounting body of evidence to prove that the cause behind global warming is man-made. Despite the growing evidence, a number of scientists still believe the current changes in the climate a part of a natural global cycle.

In today’s society,
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It is crucial that society begins to take action and take care of the ocean because it makes up 71% of the Earth. For example, acidification, or the reduction in the Ph levels of the ocean as a result of carbon dioxide is affecting the ocean and the marine life alike. Pollution, such as the discharge of fossil fuels from cars, and overfishing are also significant causes of ocean acidification. The carbon dioxide that the ocean absorbs also heats the water, which creates higher sea levels, the melting of polar ice caps and other extreme weather such as intense rainfall and on the opposite side of the spectrum, droughts. Acidification is also harmful to organisms that use calcium carbonate to make shells for protection. A few examples of these organisms include phytoplankton, coral as well as sponges. Acidification would cause a domino effect, for example, if the organisms such as phytoplankton and coral that depended on calcium carbonate would die, then the other species that depended on those organisms for a food source would also die. (eaq.org) Conversely, acidification is not the only harmful aftermath of humans. Acidification can cause the ocean to absorb greenhouse gases, which warms the ocean, and this is disturbing because it can generate formidable storms such as hurricanes. Hurricanes are reputable threats because sea levels have been continuing to rise, “Global sea level rose about 17 …show more content…
The destruction of the ozone layer, the rise in sea levels, the melting of polar caps, and massive and destructive storms are only the beginning. The age-old dispute whether greenhouse gases effect the atmosphere which in turn effects the ocean, is not easily solved and the collected data can be understood in several ways and even manipulated to make a point. Conversely, when so many sets of data and scientists ally around the existence of global warming as a manmade phenomenon and a threat, it becomes very difficult to

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