Scientology controversies

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  • Reasons Of Conformity Analysis

    The “whys of conformity” demonstrate why the Church of Scientology has been so successful in gaining new members and keeping indoctrinated members. Specifically, they help explain why people are motivated to conform to the church’s ideals. The group locomotive hypothesis, consistency theory, and the hedonistic hypothesis provide reasoning to understand how the church gains and keeps its members. I will examine how each of these theories/hypotheses play a role in “Going Clear”. The group locomotive hypothesis suggests that members of a group conform because they are motivated to achieve the group’s goal. The Church of Scientology uses the allusion of a humanitarian mission to draw in new members and justify harmful actions taken and the members…

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  • Scientology Persuasive Essay

    tests in Sydney and Brisbane, I knew the experience might be confronting. Nonetheless, my expectations were about to be exceeded. Stepping inside Sydney’s Castlereagh Street headquarters, I was struck by images of erupting volcanoes, Egyptian-looking Scientology symbols, and Star-Trek-style video pods. It feels like a blend of a holistic healing centre and the control-deck of the Starship Enterprise. Soon, I’m looking down at Scientology’s Oxford Capacity Analysis personality test: 200…

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  • Scientology Definition

    The Church Of Scientology is under constant scrutiny if it is a religion and if it should be taxed. Scientology had tax exempt in 1957, but lost in in 1967, and regained exemption in October 1993. It is a grey area if Scientology is a religion in definition and in comparison to others; such as Christianity, Catholicism, Mormon, and Muslim. Organized religion is not taxed in the United States, therefore if Scientology is not found as a religion it should then lose its tax exemption once again.…

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  • Spiritual Auditing

    Much of the therapeutic processes that originated from Dianetics have made its way into Scientology as religious practices. One of these practices that most “preclear” Scientologists go through is the therapeutic process of auditing (Anderson). Hubbard claimed that the reactive mind contained painful and traumatic memories that are the source of many of physical and psychological weaknesses known as “engrams” (Reitman 52). Scientologists claim that, through the auditing process, they can…

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  • Usa Today Rhetorical Analysis

    ENG 201H 2/10/13 Editorial Analysis “We are all equal; it is not birth but virtue alone that makes the difference.” This insightful quote from the famous French philosopher and historian “Voltaire” seems to accurately represent the beliefs of the factions of American citizens pushing to allow women to fight in combat positions within the US Armed Forces. Though the topic has just recently been boosted into the media and congressional politics, it has been long debated. A rather…

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  • 1.2 Explain How Children And Young People To Communicate

    Disagreements are never pleasant. We need to resolve them quickly before they escalate or become personally critical, which is very hard to take back once harsh words are out. We also need to try and resolve them completely to avoid it happening again. Volunteering at school with young children I see quite a few disagreements. Children will often sort silly little issues out by themselves and the incident will blow over and hopefully be forgotten about. At other times it can need and adult to…

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  • Worker Conflicts

    Workers conflict in the workplace is a universal incidence, consequential from the disagreements in workers’ personalities and principles. When populace works jointly, conflict becomes a fraction of doing commerce. Studies indicate that managers use up at least of 25 percent of their time resolving disagreements in the places of work. Disagreements have a dreadful reputation. In most cases, conflict is connected with raised tones, intense disputes, and far above the ground aggravation. Dealing…

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  • Romeo And Juliet's Downfall

    Throughout the Renaissance Era, many mistakes were made, and problems arose. One misconception after another accumulates into disputes and conflict. After a tragic event, it is human nature for individuals to place blame on those who are accountable for the outcome. In William Shakespeare’s drama, The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, many are responsible for the outcome and are punished with justice. {One common belief is that Romeo and Juliet are at fault for their…

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  • Animal Farm Comparative Analysis Essay

    George Orwell A Comparative analysis George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945) and Shooting an Elephant (1938) both share two major characteristic features, namely politics and history. Animal Farm is mainly an allegory of the Russian Revolution which took place in 1917. All of the characters in the story represents the biggest names in the Russian Revolution and the early start of the Soviet Union. The farm itself is also supposed to represent the Russian Federation, which they fight for in the…

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  • Why Women Still Can T Have It All Analysis

    In the article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter, she blames the current structure of American society for the gender gap. Slaughter uses her personal experience on having a high-profile position in the government as evidence that balancing the responsibilities of a parent and a profession is impossible. Throughout the article Slaughter provides four solutions in order to produce a society that works for women. The first solution is redefining the arc of a successful…

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