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  • Importance Of Christmas Essay

    What is consider a special holiday to my family, and I? Christmas will be the most special holiday we celebrate as family. When we come together for this holiday, it is full of laughter, love, and talking; although we all are around each other very often, this holiday brings out the best of us. Christmas is the holiday where we all are very thankful, and appreciative of the things we receive. Family is everything, and spending Christmas with them is beyond amazing. The purpose for coming…

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  • Elf The Broadway Musical Analysis

    On November 10 I attended Elf the Broadway Musical written by David Berrenbaum and directed by Sam Scalamoni. I attended Elf the Broadway Musical which was put on by Texas A&M University and MSC OPAS. Elf the Broadway Musical was a comedic musical that appealed to audience members of any ages including a range from myself a college student to the family of four sitting next to me. Elf the Broadway Musical was a delight surprise, since I had seen Elf (film) I expected the play to appeal more to a…

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  • Creative Writing: Secret Santa

    It was December 18th, seven days until Christmas, and an ordinary day so far in New York City. Amber was on her way to work, shoving her way through the busy streets. Christmas cheer filled the air, lights hung on the rooftops of buildings, stores blasted Christmas songs, and snowflakes danced down from the grey cloudy sky. Amber swung the office door behind her and was greeted by her cheerful employees. The office was decorated with lights and garland hanging around the cubicles, paper…

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  • The Importance Of Self-Gifting Christmas

    Thanksgiving weekend is here; and with it the start of all those holiday sales you’ve been waiting for. You still have a few days to plan how you’re going to monopolise on Christmas ___ and get your piece of the way. We put together this quick checklist to ensure you have have everything you need to supercharge your Christmas sales these coming weeks. 1. Focus on the Right Shoppers Self-gifting is a growing trend, in fact in in a National National Retail Federation study 70% of their…

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  • Informative Essay On Christmas

    Are you excited about the upcoming holidays? Snow, decorations, cookies, time with family –all the things that make the Christmas season so wonderful. Despite all of these delightful aspects of Christmas, I’m having trouble getting excited. Why, you ask? I was lying in bed one evening after my Philosophy class, pondering what we had discussed that day. Images from Plato’s Republic about the Allegory of the Cave and the Sun and the Line kept rushing through my head. Then, I had an epiphany.…

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  • Christmas Before Thanksgiving

    Should Christmas decorations be put up prior to thanksgiving? I think that they should not put christmas decorations up on Thanksgiving because its not December yet,but some people disagree. To begin with I disagree with decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving because people dont get to enjoy the holiday. Here it is four days before Thanksgiving and the stores are really all about Christmas. The weekend after Thanksgiving can be the most popular time for Christmas and decorating some…

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  • Christmas Tree Research Paper

    The Christmas tree tradition started 1000 years ago in Northern Europe. The trees were used for decoration, a reminder of spring, festivals, and a symbol of everlasting life with God. Throughout the years things would change about the tree. They went from small parts of trees for decoration to being full trees hung upside down for decoration then after they were hung upside down it became more of a tradition to put them in cities and have dances then set them on fire, they would then parade…

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  • Christmas Persuasive Speech

    Christmas: Mulled Wine, Cranberry Sauce, Glistening Fields of Snow and … Last-minute Shopping. There are Canadians who have long completed their Christmas shopping, who have neat stacks of beautifully wrapped gifts tucked under a decorated tree as I type this sentence, on December 16th. And there are others who are in a state of disbelief, wondering how November zoomed by at such a speed and why, why, why they did not start shopping earlier. If you are in the second group, fear not. These 5…

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  • The Ghostly Turn Of Events In A Christmas Carol

    A Ghostly Turn of Events A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, is a beloved tale that people of all ages have loved for its emotional and moral appeal. It is a story focusing on the life of Ebenezer Scrooge, a greedy and cold-hearted money-lender, who is visited by four ghostly apparitions who convince him together to change his merciless ways. At the beginning of this tale, Scrooge does not recognize the effects of his greed, so the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future take it upon…

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  • Holiday Weight Loss

    On average, 75% of Americans gain the majority of the weight during the holiday season. An NIH study found that people usually gain one to two pounds during the holidays and they almost never drop the weight. While that doesn’t seem like much. Gaining two pounds over the course of 10 years amounts to 20 pounds of weight that will be difficult to come off. Holiday weight gain can be tricky. That’s because you’re likely not noticing that it’s happening. You’re being invited to a ton of parties…

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