Scientology controversies

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  • Romeo And Juliet's Downfall

    Throughout the Renaissance Era, many mistakes were made, and problems arose. One misconception after another accumulates into disputes and conflict. After a tragic event, it is human nature for individuals to place blame on those who are accountable for the outcome. In William Shakespeare’s drama, The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, many are responsible for the outcome and are punished with justice. {One common belief is that Romeo and Juliet are at fault for their…

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  • Animal Farm Comparative Analysis Essay

    George Orwell A Comparative analysis George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945) and Shooting an Elephant (1938) both share two major characteristic features, namely politics and history. Animal Farm is mainly an allegory of the Russian Revolution which took place in 1917. All of the characters in the story represents the biggest names in the Russian Revolution and the early start of the Soviet Union. The farm itself is also supposed to represent the Russian Federation, which they fight for in the…

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  • Why Women Still Can T Have It All Analysis

    In the article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter, she blames the current structure of American society for the gender gap. Slaughter uses her personal experience on having a high-profile position in the government as evidence that balancing the responsibilities of a parent and a profession is impossible. Throughout the article Slaughter provides four solutions in order to produce a society that works for women. The first solution is redefining the arc of a successful…

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  • Mediating Employment Disputes

    Keywords: mediating employment disputes, resolving employment disputes, the case for dispute resolution clauses in contracts, You can avoid disputes in business relationships 250 words The Advantages of Mediating Employment Disputes Employment disputes are inevitable in any business. Common employment disputes involve wrongful termination claims, discrimination and harassment allegations, and conflict between employees. These disputes are damaging to the business and the employee alike. By…

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  • Muhammed V. Assisted Suicide Case Summary

    prove the COMQWEST acted with actual malice in publishing the defamatory article, that is, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not. Muhammed is a LPPF because, first, he was involved in two public controversies, the legalization of assisted suicide and the gubernatorial election; second,…

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  • Intolerance In Religion

    It seems that every day there is a new report about the latest act of terror or brutality occurring somewhere in the world. These events, though they are horrific to hear about, can be hard to grasp as they can seem very foreign or carry no personal connection. However, they are more globally connected than it seems. That connection is religion. Religion has become, just like talking politics at Thanksgiving, taboo. People are afraid to talk about it in fear of offending someone. The topic of…

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  • Confetti Girl Jennifer Cervantes Analysis

    I read two stories one named Confetti Girl by Diana López and the other Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes these stories were very similar. The narrator's point of view was very different from their parents point of view. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. The narrator’s disagree with there parents causing tension throughout the family. The tension in the two stories are very different, but they still have the same concept. In the story “Confetti Girl” she has caused conflict/tension…

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  • Essay On The Wooers In The Odyssey

    The justice system in today’s society can be pretty controversial. Judges and juries have to look at the facts of a case and based on their unbiased opinion, determine whether a person is guilty or not, and then determine the severity of a punishment. Because of society’s differing views, there will always be disagreements on an appropriate penalty. This concept directly relates to the punishment that was issued in Homer’s, The Odyssey. The fate of a pack of wooers who have taken over his…

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  • Human Trafficking Argumentative Analysis

    On the year of 2012 many propositions were proposed, and us as citizens got to choose whether it should, or whether it should not become a law. One proposition that was on the ballot in 2012 was proposition 35- Human Trafficking Penalties Initiative Statute. Human trafficking is well defined as labor trafficking, and sex trafficking where the victim has no say in this, and is exploited. Human Trafficking happens everywhere in the world, and although they are trying to stop Human Trafficking…

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  • The Relationship Pattern Of Conflict And Anxiety

    The relationship pattern of conflict is a relationship where the partners almost always disagree and credit all the blame and negative anxiety experienced in the relationship to their partner. I feel that Gilberts sums it up perfectly by describing conflict as two people who are locked in a pattern of emotional ping-pong (Gilbert, 1992, pg.45). Due to the conflict, more emotional anxiety is created. This anxiety often affects and impacts other relationships in the partner’s lives. In…

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