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  • The Effects Of Acceptance And Commitment Therapy: A Case Study

    (2014) controlled for more demographic information than González-Menéndez (2013), however, they did not control for the cultural characteristics such as: socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and race. Lack of cultural consideration muddles the ability to generalize the results of the study and should be addressed in future research. Another limitation of the study is the sample size. In total, 18 participants were assigned to ACT, 19 to CBT, and 13 to a control group. The low sample size and the difference between the treatment and control groups limits the ability of the results to be generalized to other populations. One last limitation is the location of the study, Spain. As discussed earlier, Spain has different drug policy and societal expectations about substance use and these difference limits the ability to generalize the results to populations in the United…

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  • Essay On CIT And BAT

    Results showed that both CIT and BAT had significantly improved NMU scores but there was no difference between the two interventions.5 However, the BAT group did significantly increase force production in non-compliant UE compared to CIT.5 The CIT group did however show greater amounts of non-compliant UE use recorded by the MAL when compared to the BAT.5 The control group did not show any statistical increase in any of the outcome measures.5 In conclusion, both the BAT and CIT groups improved…

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  • Quiet Eye Gaze Behavior

    reported by Joan Vickers of Calgary University in 1996. The Quiet eye has been defined as the duration of the final fixation towards the relevant target prior to the execution of the critical phase of movement and has been accepted as a measure of optimal visual attentional control. The quiet eye has an onset that occurs before the final movement in the motor task and an onset that occurs when the fixation deviates off the target by more than 3 degrees for more than visual angle of more than…

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  • Bullying In Schools: A Case Study

    recess, or on the way home. The means between the two groups were not significant. However, the mean score between threatening and intimidating were significant (Albayrak, Yildiz, & Erol, 2016). To reduce school bullying, the school will have to implement a prevention program. To improve the climate of the school, the teachers will need to undergo training and share their knowledge with the students and parents. The data collected in the research were analyzed using SPSS. Student who left…

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  • Exercises 11 And 16 In Statistics Essay

    group was 7.78 hours with a mean of 14.63 and was measured in 30 of 32 subjects. The SD of the control group was 7.2 hours with the mean being 12.79 hours, measured in 33 of 35 subjects. Based on the statistical methods to obtain the means, these number look right to me although 12 to 14 hours of labor for an average woman in today’s world is often long thus I would expect the median to actually be lower and wouldn’t necessarily agree that they are appropriate. Additionally, the only…

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  • Bacteriophage Experiment

    was filtered through a .22 micron filter in order to extract phages. Since bacteria and other particles tend to be bigger than .22 microns, they would not fit through the filter, thus allowing only phages through. Mycobacterium smegmatis was then added to the supernatant in the amount of .5 mL. It was allowed to incubate for 5 days. After incubating, 1.4 mL of the enriched filtrate was pipetted into a microcentrifuge tube. This was done twice using the p1000. Both tubes were then centrifuged for…

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  • Analyzing The Concept Of Connection In Judith Butler's Violence, Mourning, Politics

    no beginning, end, or middle. Butler’s concept of the impossibility of the individual is reestablished in all of Deluze and Guattari’s concepts of society including the disciplinary society, the control society, and the rhizome. Our hospitals, where we go to get cured and our schools where we go to obtain our education are structured the same way as a prison where people are punished for breaking the law or a factory, where products are mass produced. All of the institutions as mentioned above…

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  • The Influence Of Exclusion

    to recall an experience of exclusion and in the other group to recall the last meal they ate; these participants would be the control group. All the participants were simulated to being able to fly or to be impervious to injury. They were then asked to report their desire to contact their in-group friends on a social connection scale from 1-7 (1 being not at all and 7 being very much). Participants in the control group with the simulation of being able to fly that recalled a time where they were…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of Mindfulness Meditation On Working Memory

    The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on the Working Memory in College Students Previous research studies have exhibited evidence towards the relationship between meditation and improved academic scores (Foris, 2005). With meditation becoming a widely popular topic, especially for its benefits in the reduction of stress and anxiety, it is questioned whether the use of proper mindfulness meditation has positive effects on the working memory and if so, do those effects differentiate between males…

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  • The FITD Technique: The Foot In The Door

    Under twenty percent of people who visited the page clicked on the link to donate. These results signify that with the “foot in the door” technique, it is possible to receive some support even when people are not in your face. The donation bar link sent people to another page that had no donation screen; it was simply a test to monitor support. In the final study, 160 adults randomly selected from the telephone directory of a small town in Nevada and randomly assigned to four conditions:…

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