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  • Analysis Of The Museum Of Science And Technology

    To the Federal Government of Canada. I am writing on behalf of the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa as an exhibition planner and we are currently in the process of preparing for next year’s special exhibition. Each year, the museum displays an exhibit which has had a significant impact on human history. An object rich in history and culture would be Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press. This object was the invention that historians consider brought civilization to an entirely new level of technological advancement (contrary to how insignificant it may seem). This change is often compared to when humans discovered iron which ended the Neolithic Era (New Stone Age) and brought about the Age of Empire (also known as the Iron Age). Johannes…

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  • Museums As Learning Environments

    Museums as Learning Environments Museums serve as learning environments by providing information about specific subjects through exhibits. People visit museums to learn and experience new information. Every museum is focused on a particular subject, whether that is natural science, history, or culture. One visits a museum based on what one wants to learn about. If a particular person is very interested in the history of Native American’s then he/she will seek out a museum that provides…

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  • The Road Of Rejuvenation Museum In China Case Study

    The Road of Rejuvenation exhibition transmitted from the Museum of Chinese Revolution separated into 5 parts, 17 sessions in total. This exhibition talks about the story from 17 century “China as an abyss of semi-imperial and semi-feudal society” to the “Road of socialism with Chinese characteristic” in the People's Republic of China. First few sessions of the exhibition meant to emphasis particularly on the history of the Communist Party of China’s fight for the people’s liberation and…

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  • Art Museum Curator Essay

    Academic Qualification for Art Museum Curators Curators are highly educated personnel in the art museums. Individuals seeking to become curators acquire a wide range of art collection for the organizations such as museum or history centers in addition to organizing and maintaining different forms of exhibitions. For one to become a professional curator, one is required to have a minimum of a graduate degree while work experience increases the preparation of individuals to serve. Along with…

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  • The Museum As Context Analysis

    The publication “The Museum as Context” by Amy Tucker analyzes the environment of the museum and how culture and context is changed depending on the environment art is presented in. The purpose of art exhibitions is to show the audience an organized presentation of particular art pieces. The question raised in this chapter is whether the organization of the presentation is precise to represent each piece of work and does this representation distort the meaning of a piece. There are many ways art…

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  • Group Project Observation Report

    talked about during this semester. We were totally concentrating on the understanding of our community needs and how we bridge gaps between our museums and its audiences through reinforcing the educational role of our museums and making them more accessible for people with disabilities. Yet, today, the educational role in our museums is not as effective as it should be. Indeed, due to several factors, our museums in Saudi Arabia cannot engage their audiences in conversations about particular…

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  • Museum Of Coastal Carolina

    The Museum of Coastal Carolina The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. A man by the name of Stuart Ingram had a vision of sharing his knowledge of the nature and science of the coast of North Carolina. Mr. Ingram turned that into a reality and in May of 1991, the Museum of Coastal Carolina was opened to the public. The organization added a planetarium, a separate museum from the Coastal Carolina museum, focusing on aspects of the earth and the universe…

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  • African American Intern Experience

    From Emeka Ogboh’s soundscape in the African Art Museum to the spectacular Freer Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian museums are wonderful places to explore. So a chance to intern at one is an opportunity that cannot be missed. I have the required skill set and mindset called for being a member of the Smithsonian intern team, and the reward for the time put into the program is worth it. School never bothered me. Starting in elementary school, I received all A’s with a few B+’s in the mix. But once…

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  • Denver Children's Museum Analysis

    Denver Children’s Museum. The Denver Children’s Museum (at Marsico) houses over 20 hands-on exhibits for children and their families to engage in. The museum’s philosophy encompasses the importance of creating an environment where both children and [their] adults learn through the use of play (Brenkert, 2012). Some exhibits include, but are not limited to: Art Studio (includes paint, crayons, clay, etc.), Teaching Kitchen (cooking), Kinetics! (motion and gravity), Village of Healthy Smiles…

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  • Organizational Analysis: Museum Of Contemporary Art

    Art Organizational Analysis Paper There is such diversity located within Los Angeles that can be seen through the history and current times. Many people, in the community, however do not know the history or cultures of LA and one way to that is to visit museums. All museums have a purpose and mission statement set to bring the guest understanding or guideline on their collection of works. With the field trips into Los Angeles the two museums, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Japanese…

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