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  • Science Fair Project

    The topic I chose for my science fair project is: Which Saxophone Reeds are the Loudest? I chose this project because my cousin did this project a couple years ago and it inspired me to try for myself. I did not ever hear his final result about which reeds ended up being the loudest. I did hear some of the different materials and strengths of the reeds that he used and I chose more strengths of reeds than he did. There are three important facts about reeds. First, reeds can be altered as well to fit the saxophone player’s needs. There are several tools for this job. There all tools such as files and blades that can be used for altering saxophone reeds. It is possible to shave the reed to make it thinner or to cut the tip of the reed off.…

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  • Super Car Science Project

    Do you want to know what makes super cars go fast? Tune in to this science project to find out. In this science project, you will see aerodynamics, drag, and wind speed do its process on cars. In my experiment,on each car, there are streamers on them.When my wind tunnel turns on, streamers that fly everywhere will represent drag, and streamers that stick to the car will represent aerodynamics. In real life, they use smoke to figure out where drag is.Sometimes, they will put streamers on the car…

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  • Science Fair Project Research Paper

    Science fair projects are right up my alley. I have been participating in science fairs since I was nine years old. My dad is a biology/chemistry major, and his knowledge in science has been extremely helpful over the years in my school career. With his guidance, I am able to come up with thousands of ideas to experiment for my projects. Experimenting and going through trials with my science projects have always been a blast. My first year completing a science project, I did a "cloud in a…

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  • Exploring Rubrics As Part Of Marine Ecology Classroom

    content in relation to real world application. I often tell students if they can make sense of the information and connect it to something in their lives, they will have a better understanding of it. For labs, accuracy means you carried out the full experiment, collected data and were able to take the data and make sense of it in relation to your assumptions. Students hear accuracy in the lab and presume it means how well they make their measurements. Additionally, the rubric I constructed…

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  • Science Fair Project: Coca-Cola Light

    The history of my science fair projects objects is that Diet Coke (called Coca-Cola Light in some countries) is a sugar-free soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. Unveiled on July 8, 1982 and introduced in the United States on August 9, it was the first new brand since 1886 to use the Coca-Cola trademark. The original recipe for the drink includes five ounces of coca leaf in every gallon of syrup. The coca plant is the same plant from which cocaine is. It also has…

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  • Final Project: North Carolina Science Olympiad

    When given this project in class, I had no idea what to do. From not understanding what Mr. Hogwood explained then, my classmates started asking so many questions confusing me even more about the final project. Looking at the sheet of paper that was handed out in class. I started to think about the three essays that we did this semester, trying to figure out what to do. It came to my mind on what I should do after the discussion in class. I have finally decided what I am going to do for my…

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  • Science Fair Project: Soda Bubbles And Temperature

    My science fair project involves soda bubbles and temperature. I chose this project because I’m interested in the viscosity(a chemical in soda) that is part of a soda/liquid, and how the viscosity is affected by the temperature of the liquid. I am also interested in bubbles specifically their length of time, so it would be interesting to see how the length of time is affected by temperature. The question that I am going to answer is, how does the temperature of soda affect the length of time of…

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  • 495 Capstone Project Reflection Paper

    My 495 Capstone project has certainly been a journey, one I feel started last year with TED 560: Science Methods. It was there I learned to teach students to think critically, ask questions about the world around them, and explore scientific concepts in the middle school classroom. This semester I was able to apply the knowledge I learned during the Fall semester in my own experimental inquiry project. I was challenged to engage in the thought patterns I wish my future students to adapt and…

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  • Example Of Science Personal Statement

    I have been interested in science since my early childhood and my passion and thirst for scientific knowledge and discovery has followed me into adulthood. In high school I discovered the incredible world of chemistry and how the field has impacted the world in areas ranging from medicine to energy. Due to my great interests in chemistry I decided to pursue a degree in the science, in hopes to one day become a research chemist. I enrolled in McNeese State University in 2013 and am currently in…

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  • Personal Statement: Motivation To Pursue Science

    Motivation to Pursue Science: From the time that I was in the fourth grade, I knew the career path that I wanted to pursue. At a young age, I was inspired by roller coasters, so much in fact that I was often get scolded for doodling them in my notebooks during class time. I think that a lot of my inspiration had to do with my mother because I will never forget the morning that she woke me up to go to Hershey Park. My whole family was “playing hooky” that day and she had such excitement in her…

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