Super Car Science Project

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Do you want to know what makes super cars go fast? Tune in to this science project to find out. In this science project, you will see aerodynamics, drag, and wind speed do its process on cars. In my experiment,on each car, there are streamers on them.When my wind tunnel turns on, streamers that fly everywhere will represent drag, and streamers that stick to the car will represent aerodynamics. In real life, they use smoke to figure out where drag is.Sometimes, they will put streamers on the car and use this method to determine drag, aerodynamics, and wind speed. Aerodynamics is what allow cars to go fast. It is the way that air moves around an object. The more streamlined the car is, the more aerodynamic. If the car is flat, that will also …show more content…
One example is like a horse pulling a trailer with a bunch of very heavy stones on top. The trailer is dragging the horse down a lot.. So,the engine has to work two times harder because it is pulling drag. In wind tunnels, if air behind a car is flying everywhere, that is showing drag. Race cars are very stream lined, so drag is not a problem for them, unlike sedans and minivans, which usually have a max speed of 100 mph. If they did have drag, they would probably come in last.So less drag will make a car faster. This data will show where a car needs improvement.
Wind speed is the rate at which air moves in an area. The faster a car goes, the stronger the wind will get. Wind speed helps aerodynamics a lot. A car traveling 150 miles per hour, the wind speed will be very high. That tells there is a lot of air on the car, which means the car has to have aerodynamics for wind speed to work, or else it will slow down real fast. This data will help show where wind speed helps the car go faster.
Aerodynamics makes a car smooth with the wind speed. But if there is drag, that car will slow down. The goal was to find out which one of my 3 toy cars is fastest. If the streamers fly everywhere, that area will represent drag. But if the streamers stick to the car, there is aerodynamics. This science project was a lot of fun and has taught a lot about how cars use aerodynamics, wind speed, and drag to help them go

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