Why Are Newton's Three Laws Important In Car Safety

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Newton’s three laws are important in car safety. When a car crashes, the passengers and the car it self, slow down quickly, which causes harm to the passengers. A car crash comes with an immense force, because of the quick stop. Newer cars have safety features that soak up the kinetic energy in collisions, which are; seat belts, air bags and crumple zones. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. The kinetic energy of an object is the energy it owns because of its motion. These safety features increase the time taken for the change in speed of the passengers. The reduced speed causes the forces involved in the crash to be less and therefore making the injuries caused by the crash to be reduced.

An English engineer, called George Cayley, in the mid-19th
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They increase the time taken for a car to slow down. Crumple zones are based on Newton’s second law, which states that Force=Mass*Acceleration, which means that the force experienced by a passenger decreases, but only when the time it takes for the car to stop increases. The crumple zones are at the front and rear side of a car, they take up the collision energy created during an impact. This is done by deformation of the front and rear side of a car; some parts of a car are designed to be able to allow deformation, the passenger cabin is designed to be stronger than other parts of the car. The downside of the crumple zone is that not all cars have a crumple zone, as some cars are too small to have one. Smaller cars will, therefore, take less time to slow down or stop. The Mercedes-Benz engineer Béla Barényi came up with the crumple zone concept, in the mid-1950s. He divided the car into three sections; non-deforming passenger compartment and the crumple zones in the front and rear side and he said that they are designed to take up the energy of an impact, also called kinetic energy, by deformation during a

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