Natural Forces Affecting The Driver Essay

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Natural Forces Affecting the Driver

In one or more complete sentences, explain how natural laws apply to the following scenarios:
1. How does inertia affect a person who is not wearing a seat-belt during a collision?
The prison will continue going forward at the same speed as the car was before the collision until something stops them.
2. How does kinetic energy affect the stopping distance of a vehicle traveling at 30 mph compared to the same vehicle traveling at 60 mph?
There is 2 twice the amount of sped the braking distance is quadrupled. So there is more kinetic energy to over come.
3. How does kinetic energy affect the stopping distance of a small vehicle compared to a large vehicle?
It will take more force to stop a large vehicle than
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Another thing you might be talking about is Inertia if you are going really fast and make a Sudan stop your in sides can keep going foreword and bump into different insides causing severe injuries to you.

Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings

Imagine you are taking a road trip! Select a destination and navigate the trip. Answer the following questions in one or more complete sentences:
1. Where will you go on your trip?
Manassa Colorado
2. You approach a railroad crossing with a cross buck sign that has no lights or gates. What should you do?
Stop at a safe distance so that I can scan and listen for a train.
3. You arrive at an intersection with traffic lights that are not working because of a power outage. What do you do?
Treat it like a stop sign. Stop, look around, and continue when safe.
4. There is a flashing yellow light at the intersection you are approaching. What does the flashing yellow light indicate, and what should you do to safely navigate this intersection?
I need to slow down and scan before and during the crossing and yield where necessary.
5. On the road you are traveling, the pavement markings change from broken white lines to solid white lines between the lanes of traffic. What does the line change

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