Inexperience Can Cause A Collision Essay

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Inexperience can cause one to have a collision because they are not used to the driving environment. Inexperienced drivers may feel uncomfortable on the road and could make mistakes when driving that lead to collisions. With experience, one also learns to respond to anticipated problems. This is why it is important to practice driving to ensure the driver is experienced and ready to drive collision-free.

Inattention, which can be the result of fatigue, distractions or passengers, can cause one to have a collision because driving safely requires one’s full attention. Inattentive drivers could be unaware of speeding, the surroundings and where their vehicle is on the road, which could lead to collisions. Not paying attention to the weather conditions could result in the driver not adapting to the situation, subsequently causing a collision.
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By going at the inappropriate time, they risk colliding into another car. To avoid collisions that result from inconsideration, know the rules of the road and obey them.

Impatience can cause one to have a collision because they do not stop properly when they should. Drivers who speed, roll at stop signs rather than make complete stops, run through traffic lights, risk hitting other cars. It is important to be patient when driving so to avoid collisions that would result from impatience, the driver should leave on time or even earlier to avoid feeling the need to rush.

Ignorance can cause one to have a collision because they are not aware of the road conditions. Drivers should know to consider black ice or hydroplaning to avoid losing control of their vehicle. If they lose control of their vehicle, a collision could occur. To avoid this, it is important to be cautious of the road conditions and to pay attention to road signs that could be useful when

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