Distracted Driving Laws

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Have you ever changed the radio station turned the air conditioner on or off, fixed your hair or makeup while driving? If so, you are participating in the act of driving while distracted. Some people say its just if you are on your cell phone talking or texting is what driving while distracted is. If you think about it, you are not watching the road with both hands on the wheel focusing on the cars around you then you are diverting your attention away from the primary task of driving (“Facts and Statistics”). Statics show accidents are caused by drivers trying to multitask. Driving and cell phone conversations both require a great deal of thought (“Distracted Driving: Problem of Cell Phone Distracting Driving”). You are
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The lawmakers have and are still creating laws that are against handheld devices to prevent accidents. Many of these laws could be more effective if they were enforced better and more diverse in age groups. Some states that have laws in place include California, Connecticut, and Oregon (“Teens and Distracted Driving”). Employers can play a leading role in the ending of distracted driving by putting cell phone policies in place for their company vehicles (“Distracted Driving: Problem of Cell Phone Distracted Driving”). Currently Missouri defines novice drivers as drivers the age of 21 and under (“State Laws”). States all around Missouri have laws that ban handheld and hand free devices for all ages. All but three states ban texting for all ages, including the District of Columbia. Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee have all banned texting while driving and restricted cell phone use among young and inexperienced drivers (“Distracted Driving Is a Widespread and Varied Danger”). Many different things are being done to prevent accidents from …show more content…
When you Google “distracted driving groups” you will find varied results of individuals banding together to increase awareness on distracted driving, on a local or country-wide basis. ("What Is Being Done to Stop Distracted Driving? - Safe Teen Driving Blog"). Many organizations such as SAJD (Stay Alive Just Drive) and TOADD (Texting Organization Against Distracted Driving). Cell phone companies are also campaigning to stop the use of phones while driving – It Can Wait! Texting while driving was estimated to be involved in 200,000+vehicle crashes in 2012, often involving injuries and deaths.* That’s why AT&T is committed to putting an end to texting and driving. They are trying to educate the safeness and awareness of the dangers of texting and driving. No text is worth a life…It Can Wait(“Mars Can Wait”). AT&T is starting to address the issues by a no text and driving pledge, driving behavior changes, teen education, AT & T Driving Mode, stimulators and well as television commercials. People are coming together to try and stop this worldwide problem because they might have lost a loved one because of someone else’s reckless

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