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  • Scientific Journal: Article Analysis

    This article explains the basics of reading a scientific journal. For people who have never written a scientific research paper, this article is a simple summary on how scientific research is written. A scientific research paper consists the Title and Author, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and References. The tile of a research article and the author gives the most important information on what the research itself is about and who did the research. In the article it informs the reader that the most important person leading the research would be listed first and also in footnotes. For research in the non-science field, a lot of times is done by one or two people. In contrast, it is important to take note of who needs…

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  • Explain Why Peer-Reviewed Journals Are Important (In The Context Of Scientific Research

    1) What does it mean to write up a scientific research article? [2] Scientific research articles provide a way for scientists to contact other scientists about the results of their research. A standard format is used for these articles, wherein the author presents the research in a neat, logical manner. 2) Explain the concept of peer-reviewed (in the context of scientific research)? [2] Peer review is used by publishers to help ensure that the scientific record is good. The peer-reviewed…

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  • Accommodating Sciences By Jeanne Fahnestock: Article Analysis

    Many sophisticated scientific journals are being published each year, presenting abstract information unknown to a lay audience, because of this, journalists are given the task to accommodate these journals for an audience unknown to science, some doing better than others. In Jeanne Fahnestock’s article “Accommodating Sciences: The Rhetorical Life of Science Facts, she describes accommodation as “…present a rather abstract scientific subject in a popular manner…” (Fahnestock 332). Before…

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  • Person Centered Therapy Reflection

    Out of all the theories we’ve covered through the course of the semester. Person-centered therapy has managed to capture my attention the most, and here’s why. Trust is something that’s automatically given to the client who is seen as the sole contributor of being able to solve his or her own problems without the assistance of direct intervention. Now, when I first heard of this therapy I immediately thought. “So, what exactly does the therapist do again?” It turns out that the therapist’s job…

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  • Alone In The Crowd Summary

    While it is not often true that magazine and mass media writers get the essence of a scientific study correct in their entertainment based interpretations, Alice Park of TIME magazine did just that in her article “Feeling Alone Together: How Loneliness Spreads” when interpreting and portraying the research done by John T. Cacioppo et al in their research “Alone in the Crowd: The Structure and Spread of Loneliness in a Large Social Network.” The overall flow of Park’s article is consistent with…

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  • Integrating Indigenous Values

    first source that I will be exploring in this essay comes from the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. The article, entitled “Integrating Indigenous values with capitalism through tourism: Alaskan experiences and outstanding issues” focuses on the relationship between the indigenous people of Barrow, Alaska and the tourism that sustains a sizeable part of their economy. The…

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  • Ethical Discourse On The Use Of Genetically Modified Crops

    Markus Huppenbauer, discuss the ethical issues present in a multitude of academic articles in regards to the use of genetically modified crops. The authors of this article are all staff members at different universities and specialize in the field of science, specifically in biology and ecology, and what those have to do with ethics. Therefore, these authors are very credible and also reliable since they are experts in the previously mentioned fields. The topic presented centers around the…

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  • Gender And Toys

    The author of the article Gender, Toys and Learning is Becky Francis, who is a Professor of Education and Social Justice, as well as the author of many other academic journal articles and books. Francis’ research was funded by the Froebel Research Institute and published in the journal Oxford Review of Education in 2010. The study focused on the favourite toys and DVDs of children aged three to five. Francis aimed to investigate whether these leisure resources were gendered, and to analyse the…

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  • Is The New Immigration Really So Bad?

    This annotated bibliography is designed to give readers a comprehensive indication of readings regarding the “The effect Immigration has on the United States.” In recent times, majorly because of the presidential election there has been a lot of discussion on the subject of immigration. And so, I used various sources from journals, books, blogs and T.V. interviews to get information from a broad range and an insight of different perspectives about the subject of the impact immigration causes.…

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  • Reflective Essay In English Composition Class

    and found out about a little bit of each other. Next, we needed to find a topic for our research. This part was easy because I have been very interested in recent years, how to stay healthy, what to eat and what else can we do to optimize our health. As a future healthcare worker, prevention is an important part of staying healthy, and I believe that food is the most crucial part for our health. When I moved to the United States, I learned about genetically modified organisms, and I started…

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