Scientific Journal: Article Analysis

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This article explains the basics of reading a scientific journal. For people who have never written a scientific research paper, this article is a simple summary on how scientific research is written. A scientific research paper consists the Title and Author, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and References.

The tile of a research article and the author gives the most important information on what the research itself is about and who did the research. In the article it informs the reader that the most important person leading the research would be listed first and also in footnotes. For research in the non-science field, a lot of times is done by one or two people. In contrast, it is important to take note of who needs
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Graphs and tables are ways to present the data collect in a more organized matter. In the example table given, the independent variables are usually written as subheadings. The reading suggests giving the mean to the readers so that the readers can understand more of the distribution. However, when reading this part of the article, I felt there was more to be discuss in the matter of representing statistics. The limitation of the space given to researchers on publishing journals in obvious and many can not included the large data set in their papers. The way data are represented can be biased and persuade the readers to a certain way of thinking. Although it is helpful is the mean is included, in many cases other information such as the median or the mode might be a better presentation of the data. The histogram is also a popular way to present the data. From the article, I understand that labeling the ordinate and the abscissa is important because it gives you the detail on what the graph is actually representing. I find this important because many times the people whom conducted the research would know what the data means themselves but fail to realize that other people are trying to learn from their results and fail to put critical information on their graphs.

The Reference section is an essential part of a scientific research paper. Researchers read each other’s research journals and then create hypothesis for themselves. Comparing to research papers written in other fields, the reference to others peoples work have to be precise and detailed. There must be a connection from where you have drawn you information from and make others easy to

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