Rhetorical Research Logos

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The logos, ethos and pathos of these genres is self-evident, granted the reader has the required conceptual knowledge necessary for understanding the lexis and text of said genres (Wadsworth guide to research p.183).

Research articles:The research article fulfills its logos appeal because of its well-structured and logical organization allows meaningful communication. Research articles, typically, tend to prove or disprove a hypothesis and finalize their results in the form of a conclusion; this aids the reader in discerning the end outcome with ease. It fulfils the ethos appeal by referencing literature review; also, the mere fact that the article is being published is indicative of its credibility. For a research article to be published,
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They are formatted to use lexis of the world wide research community. If any vocabulary is new or unknown, for example an abbreviation for a novel gene, then the research article explains it, and continues to use it in the article under the assumption that the reader has added the vocabulary to their conceptual knowledge. If the reader finds difficulty remembering what the term stands for, then they can always return to the initial introduction of the term. Research articles are submitted electronically to the peer-reviewed journal, where hence the process of evaluation of credibility begins. If the article passes evaluation, then the article is printed in the Journal, as well as made available online for anyone to use as source, Hence, the article becomes part of the literature review for future researchers.

Research reports: Research reports are formal genres. They are formatted to include lexis specific to the discourse community. Lexis and vocabulary used in the reports is included under the assumption that all the members are familiar with them, because they should be. Research reports are typically printed and distributed within the discourse community at events such as weekly lab meetings, where the report is presented, or for editing purposes where distribution is made between select members of the
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This attitude is made possible by this genre. Research articles are the best way to achieve this Discourse, for it allows efficient, effective and meaningful communication between researchers from different discourse communities. Research articles are used to add to the subject matter of world wide researchers. and further humanity’s knowledge about the topics discussed in the article.

Research reports: Research reports are used to add to the subject matter knowledge for members of the discourse community, in this case, the Molecular Medicine and Genetics discourse community. Since, a research article is the summation of a number of research reports, each research report helps towards constructing a story about the subject and clue in answering a research problem.

Lab notebooks: Lab notebooks are used as way to maintain subject matter knowledge. The notebooks include information that eventually builds a research report. All the information in a report is summarization of the calculations, findings and protocols written in this genre.

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