The Hunger Games

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  • The Hunger Games

    Suzanne Collins in her novel The Hunger Games offers a critique on Western culture and civilization. In this novel through the portrayal of dystopian society that is driven by technology and consumerism Suzanne Collins explores and advocates against the commodification of youths and neglect for environment. The Hunger Games, first of a trilogy, set in a time after environmental havoc and massacre, replaced by a dystopian country Panem, comprised of 12 suffering districts ruled by the Capitol city. Panem is a “country that rose up out of the ashes of a place that was once called North America…a shining Capitol ringed by thirteen districts” (Collins, p.18). However, the rebellion of thirteen districts against Capitol brought chaos within once…

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  • Marxism In The Hunger Games

    The series of “The hunger games” by Suzanne Collins is science fictional novel portraying the world of advanced technology with societal problem of class distinction and division. The Book 1 “The hunger games” reveals the reader to the world of Panem of 13 District ruled by Capitol. The Book II “Catching Fire” reveals the effect after the 74th hunger games on the people of Panem and union of rebel against Capitol. The Book III “Mockingjay” gives aftermath of rise of rebellion and chaos of war…

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  • Emotions In The Hunger Games

    Mentally and physically exhausted, the tributes of Suzanne Collins’ novel The Hunger Games fight to survive fierce and brutal attacks that test their will to survive. We follow the lives of two contenders Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark who show their strengths and abilities, along with a building relationship. Katniss and Peeta portray a love connection in an effort to gain support from spectators, however develop real emotions for each other as the games continue. Collins uses this idea…

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  • Inequality In The Hunger Games

    waiting for something crazy to happen the entire time? If not, then you have probably never seen the intense and thrilling movie, The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, tells the life story of a young girl named Katniss Everdeen. The movie is set in a horror filled country known as Panem, which consists of twelve poverty stricken districts and one very wealthy Capitol. Katniss resides in the poorest region of Panem, district twelve, with her mother and sister, Primrose…

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  • The Hunger Games Analysis

    What was acceptable to say ten years ago may be considered inappropriate today. To demonstrate, many citizens criticize Thanksgiving for celebrating the destruction of Native-American culture. The literature that high school students read should challenge their opinions, “Good books unsettle us, make us ask questions about what we thought was certain,” (Glascow). The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins provides students with a clash between morality and tradition. The story follows Katniss Everdeen,…

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  • Intelligence In The Hunger Games

    government took children and televised them while they were fighting to their death. The author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, writes about living in this future dystopian country, called Panem, which consists of twelve districts and the capital. To maintain order and for cruel entertainment, the capital hosts the Hunger Games each year by placing two tributes, boy and girl, from each district into an arena to fight for their lives until just one is left standing. The story’s narrator,…

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  • Archetypes In The Hunger Games

    writers know that being entirely original is impossible, it is almost like trying to use a word that has never been used. Writers know at the character that are created most likely resembles somebody else. They use basic patterns and tendencies to draws the reader in which is more comforting, but if the text is unfamiliar to the readers, it will make the reader quite uncomfortable in some ways. There is no way to avoid the story that will remind the reader of something else. An archetype is a…

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  • Interdependence In The Hunger Games Essay

    The Dependence upon Characters in The Hunger Games Being able to survive the Hunger Games independently is almost impossible. In Suzanne Collins novel, survival is shown by the advice of a mentor and the help and dependence of the competitors during the games. The main character Katniss Everdeen is competing with twelve girls including her and twelve other boys for the game of death. Although Rue is the youngest in the games, she is still worthy of being an ally with Katniss. Haymicth…

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  • The Hunger Games Book Report

    The Hunger Games The book The Hunger Games was written by a woman named Suzanne Collins. Suzanne Collins is most known for writing this book and the following books of the Hunger Games Trilogy. The Hunger Games is the first book of the series. It introduces the story of how the hunger games got started and why. This first book develops the characters in an amazing fashion, I enjoyed the detail; I felt as though I knew the characters personally. This story is based in a post apocalyptic future…

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  • The Hunger Games: Movie Analysis

    “The Hunger Games” started as a book trilogy written by Suzanne Collins and caught fire in 2012 when the first movie adaptation was released and quickly became a box office smash. “The Hunger Games” film franchise has grossed over one billion dollars throughout four films and has just recently concluded with the final entry. Although the films have clearly been wildly successful in terms of revenue, one of the major conflicts that first had to be resolved when producing “The Hunger Games” movie…

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