Glorification In The Hunger Games

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Suzanne Collins’ 2008 novel, The Hunger Games, follows the story of Katniss Everdeen and Peter Malak, on their journey through The Hunger Games as they fight for their survival. Many concepts are present in the text, including; the Glorification of the games, Marshall law, hierarchy in the society and the complacency of the districts. Throughout the novel Collins’ use of descriptive and detailed scenes shows several important relationships in response to these concepts. Glorification of the games is a key concept in the text. This will be shown by discussing the forms of advertisement the capitol uses to promote the games and which of the characters in the story view the games as positive. Throughout the text, the capitol has consistently …show more content…
This will be shown by discussing the extensive gap in the society between the citizens of the capital and the citizens in the districts. The citizens of the capital are shown to be rich, pompous and almost silly, they spend their time following the latest fashion trends and eating exorbitant foods. For them The Hunger Games are a chance to gamble and watch a popular tv show, they don’t even understand that the games might be a negative experience for those less fortunate, because it doesn’t affect them in the same way. They haven’t experienced how the people in the districts live. Moreover, they have never had their child reaped in the choosing ceremony. However, the districts seem to have the opposite lifestyle to those in the capital. They have to work every single day, they wear plain clothes and they struggle to even afford the food that they need to survive. they also live in constant fear that their children will be reaped and go off to die in the games. Taking both cases into consideration, one thing becomes clear, none of the citizens of both the capital and the districts has ever known a different way of life. When the games came into order seventy-five years earlier a majority of the current population was not alive, none of them have grown up thinking that there was another legitimist option. Additionally, the capital has been raising people in very different stations of life on purpose, they don’t want …show more content…
This will be shown by discussing the whether or not districts comply with the wishes of the capital and their potential reasons behind their choices. Throughout the text it becomes clear that the districts are unhappy with their current living situations. As a result they start an uprising. However, not all the districts are unhappy with their situations, take districts one and two, they are the richest districts and they raise children to win The Hunger Games. Moreover, it becomes apparent that much of what the districts do is based on monetary reasons. Districts one and two can afford to raise killers because the capital has given them the money. If district twelve had more money then it might not be such a horrible place to live, they could have more secure homes, safer mining shaft systems and more doctors to treat the sick and wounded. Finally what becomes the most apparent is just how much the capital controls the lives of those who live within Panam. The government truly is in control of everything and everyone. In summary, although any of the districts are unhappy with their current living situations, they have no real choice to change, unless the capital allowed it to

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