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  • Essay On Prison Observation

    being administered by the medical facility to the inmate and other medical personnel. Then the over watch officer ensures the perimeter distance is sustained at all times and checks to see if the inmate has swallow their medication by opening their mouth and physically showing that they swallowed the medication. However, it is not required that the inmate must take their prescribed medication by the medical staff. Like in the constitution, even an inmate has rights to refuse medical treatment at any time. Also, this refusal must be properly documented by the medical personnel journal and the officer’s watch journal to cover themselves and the department from any false allegations of medical treatment denial. Overall,…

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  • Randle Mcmurphy Character Analysis

    generations come into this world, adapting and finding their place in society. However, some may never find their place. There is a constant effort to escape from the outside world and to feel safe again within a structured environment. Randle McMurphy, Chief Bromden and the other inmates encounter this conflict of conformity.…

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  • The Importance Of Social Work

    competency fall into the hands of those inmates who are working within the group to accomplish similar set of goals. The ground rules of the group will be set in the beginning of each session, confidentiality will be a primary enforcement within the group to keep each inmate’s personal information and feeling confidential within the group, the group social worker, and the co-facilitator. The process of here and now interactions will input clarity to help the inmates communicate effectively,…

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  • Hard Rock Return To Prison Analysis

    desensitized him from his old ways and paralyzed him by his new “mental configuration”. This was a guy know for being belligerent and using force against officers and causing other disturbances. He even tolerated someone calling him a “black son of a bitch”(Knight 195). Another effect of them treatment and perhaps the effect behind his indifference was mental sluggishness-“it took Hard Rock exactly 3 minutes to tell you his first name”(Knight 195). The inmates thought he “had just wised up”…

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  • Inmate Subculture

    organization which operates within the prison system as a self-perpetuating criminally oriented entity, consisting of a select group of inmates who have established an organized chain of command and are governed by an established code of conduct. The lives of inmates are affected by what is referred to as inmate subculture as much as it is by the official prison organization. This prison subculture comprises a set of informal norms, values, languages roles and beliefs that gives prisoner a…

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  • Islamophobia Inmates

    The Correlation Between Islamophobia and Muslim Inmates In the years following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, there was a rapid increase in what has become known as islamophobia: a prejudice towards the nation of Islam and intolerance towards Muslims in general. In recent years, researchers have provided evidence that there has been a decline in islamophobia, which national Islamic civil rights groups’ claim is “small, but highly welcome” (Replogle,…

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  • Death Row Inmates

    death row inmates as subjects for medical testing rather than animals The debate about using death row prisoners as subject for medical testing rather than animals is an interesting topic to discuss. This is because people always give different opinions when human life is involved. There are people who support this while other opposite it. The reasons for supposing this topic is as follow; The main aim of any medical experiments is develop a cure or vaccines for any pandemic diseases such as…

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  • Inmates Return To Prison

    We need more crazy people in our lives. They have unique character traits that bring innovative ideas in this world. However, the lack of quality reintegration for inmates results in the feeling of lost which ends being sent back to prison. I had the great privilege of having a guest speaker, who was in prison for 20 years, in my criminal justice class. He volunteered in his community to make a change in prision system after he was released from prison. Although he was successful in finding…

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  • Isolation On Prison Inmates

    There are two different concerns that must be addressed when examining the effects of enforced isolation on prison inmates. The first concern is the effect it has on mentally sound, healthy inmates and the second concern is the effect it has on inmates already dealing with some form of mental or physical illness. The manifestation of adverse reactions to isolation for a healthy inmate depend on factors such as the length of confinement, the individual, and the conditions of their confinement.…

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  • Inmate Camera Observation

    hours, while I, Officer Smith B3168 was observing cameras in D1 A Pod located at Durango Jail 3225 W. Gibson Ln. Phoenix AZ 85009, observed numerous Inmates gathering in front of cells 9 and 10. Officer Larsen B2798 responded to my radio call and observed Inmate Blevins, Michael MCSO Booking # T272215 in the first shower bleeding from an open wound on his nose. During a knuckle check of the entire pod, Inmate Gonzales, Ismael MCSO Booking # T317599 was observed with a red welt across his face.…

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