The Importance Of Social Work

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within the group session. When it comes to leadership as explained as a social worker I would lead the group from behind allowing responsibility and feeling of competency fall into the hands of those inmates who are working within the group to accomplish similar set of goals. The ground rules of the group will be set in the beginning of each session, confidentiality will be a primary enforcement within the group to keep each inmate’s personal information and feeling confidential within the group, the group social worker, and the co-facilitator.

The process of here and now interactions will input clarity to help the inmates communicate effectively, this includes making sure the message is clear and understood by the group members. This process
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A prison is a very culturally, racially, and physically mixed environment this can be a concern to the worker. Race has alway been an ongoing escalated problem to which some races do not like other races leading to fights and outburst. Culture is a very indepth meaning to so many individuals which could cause views to become blocked or in a way build a barrier. Physical barriers are inputted when it comes to age and physical impairments such as psychological …show more content…
The group will then sit in a circle, then go around to each inmate to speak briefly about themselves in a way allowing them to tell their own stories. The inmates will then be given a choice to decide whether they would like to have one on one sitting with another inmate or if they would like to do a form of role play. If the group decision is chosen to be one on one, the worker will divide the inmates, allowing them a set amount of time to talk freely with each other about their personal stories to see if there 's any resemblance or similar occurrences within each story. After the one on one session are complete, and each inmate has had one on one session with each other the inmates will then form a large circle. The group will begin to speak about how they felt about the activity they were involved in, as the social worker will lead from behind ensuring to capture any verbal or nonverbal cues accuring between group members. If their is any conflict found to be occurring within the group i the worker will work on resolving the conflict to avoid escalation between group members. If the group was to have chosen the role play activity, it would be similar to the one on one activity although it would be between two voluntary inmates willing to get in the middle of the circle and enact an event to which

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