The Importance Of Social Work Research

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Social work research can be important in many ways. When conducted correctly, people are able to begin to understand various individuals, groups, causes and effects surrounding various social issues. Research is the beginning of breaking down walls, which brings about improvement in the lives of others. However, Engel & Schutt notes that, “social work research is important because the nature of our social world is the starting point for our profession, because much of what we do is in response to social, political, and economic conditions” (Engel & Schutt, 2010). So as seen, social work research directs us, and allows for us to provide the best treatment plans for our clients. If fact, social worker uses evidence-based practice, “which requires …show more content…
So as it came be seen, social work research is ongoing. People are always seeking to improve their lives. Seeking to understand the unknown; but for social work research it has limitations and strengths. That why social workers use evidence base practice, which have fewer flaws. Not all research is evidence base practice. However, social work research is …show more content…
This means being honest and up front with participants and as well as revealing our methods. Clients must be protected, meaning minimizing the possibility of harm and maximizing benefits as learned from the Belmont Report. However, as social workers we must follow guidelines that are associated with The National Association of Social Workers (NSW). This means consulting with the Intuitional review board, obtaining participants consent, allowing participant to have a choice to participate, and maintain participant’s confidentiality.
I think it is so important to consider the lives of other when conducting studies. As seen with pass research participants suffered greatly. Some even lost their lives at seen with the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. These men were misled and were being held in a study against their will. However, now every research study has ethical dimensions of it. Researcher must be open, and willing to reveal their procedures. Although in the past this was an issue. As seen with the U.S and French researchers who engaged in a long legal battle over who should take the credit for the AIDS virus. However, people lives can be at stake, which is why it is so important to follow

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