Causes Of Night Terrors

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What May Trigger Night Terrors?
Night terrors are a type of Parasomnia, that causes screaming, intense fear, and flailing, while still asleep. These episodes are most common, but not always limited to children between the age of three and twelve, but they can also occur in adults. Primarily, children are affected by this Parasomnia, because their CNS, is still in early development, and seems to be more easily disrupted than the matured CNS, of older adults. Some studies show that there are variables, such as tiredness, or drugs, that may cause a development of these disturbances during sleep. While most individuals will grow out of their sleep terrors, some may not, and must find different ways to control or reduce their chances of
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If a child is sleep deprived or overly tired before bed, this can also be a trigger for night terrors, for kids must have at an early age, a certain number of hours of sleep at night. A study by the, shows how important consistent sleep cycles are from age zero months to thirteen. They explain how irregular sleep cycles can be dangerous for young kids, and how they are affected at certain ages when they do not conform to that schedule (“Children and”). Certain drugs like caffeine can also affect the Central Nervous System, for caffeine affects your heart rate, blood pressure, and makes you more alert, which is not preferable when an individual is trying to …show more content…
Parasomnias will always be present in our society, and are normally something we grow out of, but not in every case. Sleep terrors, can be concerning to many parents, but there really is not much that they can do to help their children during the episodes. We do not know enough about the Central Nervous System right now to conclude that that it 's internal glitches are the main cause of night terrors; it is more logical to assume that environmental factors are the main cause. With this being the case, it seems to make sense that the best way to prevent night terrors is to control an individual 's environment as follows: have regular sleep patterns or schedules, do not drinking anything before bed to prevent a full bladder, do not allow the consumption of any carbonated liquids, and make sure kids and adults have a more stress free environment. Following these recommendations will help to ensure that kids, adults, and parents, can have a more peaceful nights

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