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  • Sisterhood Morale Ideas

    Sisterhood, Spirit and Morale Ideas The Standards Committee should discuss sisterhood and morale at all Standards Committee meetings. Consider if there are systemic problems within the chapter that the Standards Committee could address or if there is something fun the committee could plan in order to boost sisterhood and morale. Spirit and Morale Ideas: • Is Chapter Council overwhelmed? Host a Chapter Council appreciation night. • Feel like your chapter doesn’t understand the long-term benefits of Kappa? Host a 50-year Kappa pin recipient and ask her to talk to the chapter about her Kappa experiences. • Sisterhood Board: A centrally-located and decorated bulletin board/chalkboard to display sisterhood events occurring that week or month, quotes that inspire sisterhood or pictures of sisterhood happening within the chapter. • Sisterhood of the Traveling [Item]: Recognize a member at each chapter meeting for her display of sisterhood during the past week. The VPS asks chapter members to send and read thank-you notes to a sister who has been especially loyal or generous with her time during the past week. This member is awarded with an item (e.g., bra, doll, necklace, book, quilt, cap, award pin, etc.) The member has the item with her for the week and then passes it to the member who is recognized at the following meeting. The item is accompanied by a journal in which the recognized member can write a short reflection about the sisterhood of the chapter. If appropriate, these…

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  • The Sleepover Question By Amy Corso

    subject that many don 't know what to say when it comes up in conversation. With sex and sexual relations comes romantic relationships that which is also a very common subject, it is filled with cliches and stereotypes that can shape the choices we make in life. Within the texts “The Sleepover Question” by Amy Schalet and “Marriage” by Gregory Corso cultural images and communication are what these authors believe could be the key to romantic relationships. Although Schalet and Corso initially…

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  • The One Black Girl At The Racist Sleepover Analysis

    “The One Black Girl at the Racist Sleepover” by Stacey Lynn Brown describes an innocent child unaware of a harsh world in racist America. Brown does an extraordinary job of affecting the young black girl’s life by linking each character in “The One Black Girl at the Racist Sleepover” together for a common purpose. The daddy, black man, and the mother all serve the common purpose of educating the young black girl about her ethnic background. However, the mother directly educates the young black…

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  • Formalism In Pilon, Hills Like White Elephants And The Sleepover

    Formalism The short stories Pilon, Hills Like White Elephants and The Sleepover all focus on the relationships of females to males in various stages of life. By analyzing similarities and differences of the setting, characters and symbols from a formalist standpoint, one can conclude that formalism is able to accurately convey the struggle women face throughout their lives. The setting of the three stories serves to emphasize the tone of the passages. Both Hills Like White Elephants and…

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  • Descriptive Essay On A Nightmare

    Sleepover Nightmare One calm night me and my altime bff Addie get ready for an epic sleepover! We have everything we need, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, flashlights, and best of all candy to keep us up all night! We were ready for the best sleepover ever! Just we had no idea what would happen to us, and we had no idea we needed to bring an extra pair of underwear and pants! “Listen to the wind Addie” I said, “yeah it’s blown down 2 small tree’s in your neighborhood!” “Yeah…

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  • My Ghanaian Culture: My Upbringing

    Although I have lived in America for almost all of my life, I grew up in a Ghanaian household, with parents who strived to make sure I never forgot where I came from. As I grew up I learned that my upbringing was not the same as some of my American friends’ upbringing, through different situations, such as the way I interacted with adults, my involvement in social activities, and getting an allowance. In my Ghanaian culture you are not to speak back to an adult; usually what they said goes and…

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  • Kids Decade With Wheels In Disney Movies

    A child is more apt to want to pack their items when they are packing them into something they enjoy. Both boys and girls will easily find a piece of luggage that they will love as there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Whether you wish to have a piece of luggage for your child for sleepovers, an upcoming trip, or simply a way to store some of their toys, you will find kids luggage with wheels to be affordable. You will also have a wide variety of different styles to choose from…

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  • Reality In Othello

    In the play, Roderigo would have drowned himself if Iago did not suppress the reality of the situation. Admittedly, Roderigo, who initially confessed, “I will incontinently drown myself” (1.3.302), only survives because Iago makes it appear that Desdemona will love him if he has enough money. In the same manner, although, the coverage of reality did not save my life, it prolonged my happiness at the sleepover before I faced the reality. In other words, my parents were well aware that revealing…

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  • Essay On Strict Parenting

    Every mother or father has a style that he or she uses to parent. Out of all the different parenting styles, there are certainly more successful parenting styles, and less successful ones. It does seem that present day parents are less strict than in the past, and, in my opinion, consequently seem to expect less of their children than in past times. I believe that, while your children should know that you love them, they should also know that certain behavior is unacceptable, and that they are…

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  • Cece's Hearing Aids Analysis

    regular person. In the text there, is many examples of Cece having friends with her hearing aids. One example is, “Cece is friends with Martha, Mike and some of the neighborhood kids. Then Martha specifically says "You know it's Friday and all you should ask your Mom if you can spend the night?" (122). In the evidence, I say Martha invited Cece over for a sleepover. There is another thing I need to add, this was the first time they met. Not many normal people have sleepovers when they first…

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