Sisterhood Morale Ideas

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Sisterhood, Spirit and Morale Ideas
The Standards Committee should discuss sisterhood and morale at all Standards Committee meetings. Consider if there are systemic problems within the chapter that the Standards Committee could address or if there is something fun the committee could plan in order to boost sisterhood and morale.

Spirit and Morale Ideas:
• Is Chapter Council overwhelmed? Host a Chapter Council appreciation night.
• Feel like your chapter doesn’t understand the long-term benefits of Kappa? Host a 50-year Kappa pin recipient and ask her to talk to the chapter about her Kappa experiences.
• Sisterhood Board: A centrally-located and decorated bulletin board/chalkboard to display sisterhood events occurring that week or month,
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The VPS asks chapter members to send and read thank-you notes to a sister who has been especially loyal or generous with her time during the past week. This member is awarded with an item (e.g., bra, doll, necklace, book, quilt, cap, award pin, etc.) The member has the item with her for the week and then passes it to the member who is recognized at the following meeting. The item is accompanied by a journal in which the recognized member can write a short reflection about the sisterhood of the chapter. If appropriate, these reflections can be read aloud during formal meetings as the devotional or inspirational reading.
• What Kappa Means to Me: At a special time during formal meetings, invite senior chapter members to read aloud what Kappa has meant to them throughout their collegiate
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Prizes can be free (e.g., first in line for dinner, special parking spot, special table, etc.)
• Inspirational Quotes on Chairs: Have members read them aloud to chapter.
• Who 's That Kappa? Make up a bulletin board with baby pictures of different chapter members or Chapter Council members and give a prize to the member who can correctly identify the most women.
• Kappa Spotlight: Highlight women in the chapter so other members can get to know them.

Ideas for Sisterhood Events:
• Roller skating, theme parks, museums, sports games (professional or college), horseback riding, hiking, camping, disc golf, beach day, apple picking, slumber party at an alumna’s house, pool party, barbecue, rafting, paintballing, bowling, mini-golfing, laser tag, ropes course, etc. Don’t forget your Event Planning Forms!
• Tie-dye T-shirts together.
• Host a progressive dinner using chapter members’ houses to make pizza, pre-Thanksgiving dinner, etc. Programs are available on the internet.
• Bring your own picnic: Put picnic blankets on the floor and munch on sandwiches or snacks.
• Movie nights or TV watching: Watch award shows, TV shows, sports games or pageants together.
• Retro sitcoms: Everyone dresses like their favorite character and watches classic

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