Consider To Be Your Most Meaningful Contribution To Colleges Against Cancer During The 2014-16 Year?

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What do you consider to be your most meaningful contribution to Colleges Against Cancer during the 2015-16 year?

I think I consider my participation in Relay for Life event as the most meaningful contribution that I have made to Colleges Against Cancer during the school year. I was not able to attend Tuesday meetings especially on winter quarter because of a job I had that needed me on Tuesday nights. However, this did not hinder me to constantly communicate to my other committee members. When time permitted this spring, I actively participated during Tuesday meetings, some of the flyering weeks, the production for Relay props, and the event itself. On the production of the props, I helped in making posters and making the cars made up of boxes. On the Relay for Life Event, I received my schedule in my name tag but it was blank. I decided to just be a general helper and assist anyone needing help. From transferring heavy equipment (tables and carts with drinks) from Pauley, to the IM Field, to Drake, to
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I would like to give back to the future members. I am an advocate of inclusivity because I do not want to leave other people behind. As an HGR, I am already familiar with programming events to keep members involved. Part of programming is working on a budget and therefore I am already familiar how to be wise in making sure that I get the most out of the money allotted. As mentioned earlier, I always come in with a smile and a positive attitude and this will send a message to committee members that they part and welcome in the club. In programming socials such as dinner on the hill, dinner in Westwood, karaoke nights, weekend hikes, or just fundraisers, ideally could help retain member engagement and maintain interest. If selected, I would like to be very clear about what spirit points are so people would have a good idea to what it is and what they could possibly

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