Descriptive Essay On A Nightmare

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Sleepover Nightmare
One calm night me and my altime bff Addie get ready for an epic sleepover! We have everything we need, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, flashlights, and best of all candy to keep us up all night! We were ready for the best sleepover ever! Just we had no idea what would happen to us, and we had no idea we needed to bring an extra pair of underwear and pants! “Listen to the wind Addie” I said, “yeah it’s blown down 2 small tree’s in your neighborhood!” “Yeah I know!” for the rest of the night we just talked and played on our devices. Until……… We heard something, it was small at first then it got louder and louder and louder! It was coming closer to us and of course my mom and dad were at the store and would
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We decided we should stay close to each other until my parents get home. That ended right when one of us had to go to the bathroom, it was awkward you don’t want to know. When my parents got home we run over and hug them so hard we thought they could not escape. We were wrong.
They got out and told us we were silly, and we should just stop imagining things. They also told us they had to go bring Connor’s stuffed animal he forgot and the would be back in 45 minutes or more, then take piper out for a walk. We knew right then we were doomed. We also wondered why we had to have a sleepover on the night of a huge storm. We decided how about we stay close to Piper my dog in my room and watch tv on netflix until my parents got back home. We thought it was a great idea watching tv we wouldn't be distracted by anything. Unti… Addie and I thought we saw something move in the corner of our eye, but we just ignored it and kept watching tv. Until we saw it again, then the tv flickered off. We were starting to freak out. Until the most scary thing of all happened the tv in the living room turned on and there was a bang at the front door. Me and Addie were about to call 911 We were so scared! Then the garage door opened and we both hid behind the couch with my brother Connor's bebe gun and we were ready to
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Then my dad runs in the door and says something that made us want to punch ourselves, he told us why everything had been happening, and that it was all because of the storm. Me and Addie have never felt dummer, but we did ask if we could walk Piper with them just to be safe. Suddenly an alarm goes off and it was the morning, I wake up and so does Addie. I ask “what happened last night the last thing I remember is eating tons of ice cream.” Addie says “me too”. Then she asked me if I had a super creepy dream last night? I said “Yes!” We both told each other about our dreams and we realized we had the same one! Then we realized we probably should not have watched that murder mysteries movie before we had went to bed. We told my mom and dad about are dream and why it happened. And the only thing that was true in our dream is the big storm. So we decided at our sleepovers for now on we should not watch murder mystery movies. And we can’t eat too much ice cream before we got to bed or else we will pass out! All we know is that our moms are going to have to take to the store for a new pair of pants and

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