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  • Catchphrases In Advertising

    major attention to the product that the company is selling. A great slogan identifies the brand and is memorable.”Advertising catchphrases are a dime a dozen. But only the best withstand the test of time and enter the public lexicon. "Good to the Last Drop" is one of the immortal ones.” (Saturday Evening Post). Popular slogans known by thousands people are Nike:Just do it, Dunkin Doughnuts: America runs on Dunkin, and more. Many coffee drinker would remember the phrase, “Good to the Last Drop” and think of Maxwell House Coffee. According to The Saturday Evening Post the origin of The Maxwell House slogan goes way back to 1907. The phrase was coined by Theodore Roosevelt at President Andrew Jackson’s estate. “Roosevelt - one of America’s great coffee drinkers, rumored to consume a gallon of java a day - so enjoyed the brew at the Hermitage, he declared it “good to the last drop.” The coffee was Maxwell House Coffee, named after the fancy Nashville hotel that served it. In 1917, the company began using the slogan in ads in the Post and elsewhere, and for decades it reigned as America’s best-selling coffee.”(Saturday Evening Post). Even vintage slogans used today can still make an impact on the modern…

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  • 1984 Slogan Analysis

    1984 , the party has three slogans which are looked upon by the whole population, which the people are blinded by and don’t see the definite meaning behind each slogan .“War is Peace,Ignorance is strength, and Freedom is Slavery” are the three slogans that the party stand by and are written in elegant lettering (Orwell 4). These slogans are paradoxes and are true due to the fact that it gives the party total control and power over their society. “War is Peace” means that while Oceania is at war…

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  • Hillary Clinton Slogans

    Trump V. Clinton: The 2016 Presidential Election Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are names that will linger in history for many years to come due to their controversial plans if they get elected in the 2016 presidential election. Trump’s ambitious mindset with slogans such as “Make America Great Again” and Clinton 's bold stance on getting more rights for women have an abundance people either supporting or opposing many of their policies. They have many differentiating views on issues such as…

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  • Sexual Harassment And Prevention Slogan Analysis

    40 Rounds! This simple slogan was a charge that was unique to my basic training unit (Bravo Company 3-13th Infantry Battalion) and was used for any number of reasons. Whether it be showing one’s motivation, confirming an understanding of an assigned task, thanking a Drill Sergeant for answering a question, or sarcastically spouting the line to show your anger at your fellow soldier’s incompetency, this slogan was encouraged by our Drill Sergeants, both female and male. As can be seen by just…

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  • Mm Mm Good Slogan Analysis

    Companies have various target groups when they run promotional messages. However, the one particular company I have observed is Campbell’s Soup Company and its promotional message. First, the message is targeted towards families who want nutritional and healthy food for their children. (Campbells, n.d) Secondly, the message is consistent with a particular slogan of “Mm, mm good” whether in the print advertisement or media advertisement, that slogan is heard loud and clear. Here is a YouTube…

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  • Analysis: My Campaign And Slogan

    Shrestha 5 Kshitiz Shrestha Professor Sharifian GOVT-2306-71426 29 October 2017 SLO #2 My Campaign and Slogan Below is the total cost that is incurred when one is running for an office position in Texas. According to Texas Tribute Analysis, the amount incurred by a candidate per vote depends on the following three variables. They include how far the candidate fundraises, how he spends and the most determining is the number of the votes a candidate receives from his/her supporters. Therefore, it…

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  • George Orwell 1984 Slogan Analysis

    novel serves as many reasons a totalitarian government would never work. In the book 1984, by George Orwell, there are three main slogans chanted throughout the story. The slogans technically have…

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  • Explain The Three Party Slogans In George Orwell's '

    The Party slogan “Ignorance is strength” is The Party’s mechanism of having people simultaneously believe in two contradictory beliefs , which serves as an advantage to The Party and a disadvantage to citizens of Oceania. Through this contradictory party slogan, The Party has full control over Oceana by having information concealed so that people do not have enough intelligence to overthrow The Party. Moreover, the more ignorant the citizens of Oceania are the less likely they will rebel…

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  • Analysis Of Eve Of Destruction By P. F Slogan

    It is easy to believe that attaining peace in this world where violence and wars are so apparent is getting much harder. Perhaps to the point in which it is verging on the impossible. ‘Eve of Destruction’ expresses a strong but heartfelt warning towards how our hypocrisy as a society is edging us closer to our own demise . The writer, P.F Slogan, addresses both the solider and society singing about being on the ‘eve of destruction’. He wrote, “You’re old enough to kill but not for voting”,…

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  • Adidas Slogan And A Ben Franklin Aphorism Analysis

    A deeper look at the meaning of the Adidas Slogan and a Ben Franklin Aphorism After Muhammad Ali knocks down the great Sonny Liston, he flexes over him proving his strength and skill, he has done the impossible.Muhammed is strong, fearless, and motivated to do great, these are key elements to overcome difficult tasks. The black and white colorway portrays a simple message that the steps needed to be taken to achieve success are not all that complicated. Essentially, we need to learn to overcome…

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