Slough of Despond

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  • Symbols In The Pilgrim's Progress

    Christian and his neighbor, Pliable, set out on a pilgrimage journey together to get to the Celestial City but end up falling in the Slough of Despond, where they struggle for some time to escape. After Christian and Pliable fall into the Slough of Despond, “here, therefore, they wallowed for a time, being grievously bedaubed with dirt; and Christian, because of the burden that was on his back, began to sink in the mire” (Bunyan 20). The reason why Christian is struggling to escape the Slough of Despond is because his burden is weighing down on him heavily, which is causing him to sink. As he struggles in despondency, he still feels the shame and filth because of his sin but he remains determined to find the Wicket Gate in order to for him to continue on his pathway towards redemption. The Slough of Despond symbolizes all the fears and doubts that arise in a sinner’s soul while he is on his way to salvation. Bunyan uses the Slough of Despond to symbolize how burdens from sins affect individuals. As individuals go through life carrying burdens, the guilt and shame of the sin that one committed starts to take a toll on them by weighing them down causing there to be a constant reminder of what the individual did that was bad to the point of where they feel like they are sinking…

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  • Law And Grace In Pilgrim's Progress

    The guilt comes from the conviction brought about by divine law. Our sin nature generates so much filth that the steps out of the slough are obscured with our own muck. Help describes the slough as a bog fed by the convictions of sins. “...This miry slough,” he says, “is such a place as cannot be mended: it is the descent whither the scum and filth that attends conviction for sin doth continually run, and therefore it was called the Slough of Despond”…

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  • Caw Short Story

    Caw! "Caw," said the crow. The girl let go of the string. Her balloon soared into the sky. She bawled. Down came the black bird and pecked out her eyes. She fell. Her stolen eyes a birthday treat. # "High trolollie lollie lol, High trolollie lee, Happy day, old Carrion, Happy day to me. Caw, caw, caaaaw!" Chasm John Sebastian crept closer. The Chasm called to him, opening its arms. Emptiness greyed his cheeks. His face numbed. And his footing, once firm and sure,…

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  • Dogma Of Sin In The Rime Of Ancient Mariner

    Mariner’s neck and his guilt upon his deprivation when bitterly avenged by nature are not the unintended analogies sketched by Coleridge. He might had been living in romantic era but his religious upbringing still has some effects on his mind. He represented Christian analogies submerged with his Unitarianism concepts. As a Unitarian he did not believed in the guilt of original sin being shared by all humanity, he believed in the inner goodness and to the notion of ancestral sin. So he depict…

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  • Civil War Women's Rights Essay

    widespread unpopularity of women’s rights. (National Women 's History Museum, 2007) Elizabeth Cady Stanton was oppressed by the denial of women 's rights, she fought for rights in the National Woman Suffrage Association serving as president. “Man cannot speak for us—because he has been educated to believe that we differ from him so materially, that he cannot judge of our thoughts, feelings and opinions by his own. Moral beings can only judge of others by themselves—the moment they give a…

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  • The Pilgrim's Progress Book Review

    receiving God's true salvation. Speaking of Godly topics is easy and simple, and one can easily fool others by appearing to be a Christian; but living a truly Godly life is difficult and trying. Only God can help one attain a genuinely righteous heart. On the other hand, Christian was the complete opposite of Talkative in two ways. The first difference is that Christian chose to let the knowledge he had change his life while Talkative chose to use the knowledge he had to show off. When he first…

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