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  • The Importance Of Try-Out In Sports

    Wal-Mart that I used solely for gym class. I knew it was going to be a tough workout, now made even harder by the lack of grip on the bottom of my shoes. My thoughts were confirmed when we warmed up with ball-handling exercises: dribbling the ball around the body, through the legs, reversing it, crossing it over, all while maintaining an athletic, squatting position. I thought my legs would catch fire, and I knew everyone was looking at the new girl who kept chasing the ball she could not manage to dribble. One of the coaches commented on my improper footwear, mortifying me. She asked if I had sneakers with more grip, to which I quickly responded that I did and I had, regrettably, left them at home but would bring them tomorrow. The next day, I was able to run slightly faster, but it was apparent that the shoes were not the real cause of my difficulties. This went on for three days, until the teams would be decided and, hopefully, practice would become a bit less grueling. We performed more drills and exercises. The worst of all was the “Syracuse Drill,” where one person dribbled the ball and ran down the court while another attempted to run behind and push the ball away. I never dribbled past half court before the ball was knocked out of my hands. Dribbling was just not my forte. The players were very quiet these days, probably all hoping to be on the varsity team, while I was just praying they did not force me to play on the junior high league. Eventually, the teams…

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  • Reflection In Physical Education

    lesson content was clearly explained for the first five minutes. The overview allowed students to be aware of the basketball skills such as dribbling and passing which would be covered in the lesson.. The short and clear overview of the lesson allowed the teacher to reduce her instructional time therefore students were able to get physically active immediately. Students were positioned in a half circle during this time. This was an effective strategy as every student was able to see and hear the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Why I Bring Life To Basketball

    many years, I taught myself how to play basketball. But because I could not teach myself anything I did not know, I learned by practicing what worked. Trying out new ways to shoot and new ways to dribble then using them in street games. If it did not work, I would use that experience to better myself for next time and I have done that my whole life. In 6th grade, I join my first basketball team, but it was not till 7th grade that I started scoring 10 points a game. Today at age 16, all the…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Basketball

    likely lose balance. The person on the offenses goal is to make you lose balance so stay on your feet. Put your in hand in front of the ball when he’s holding it. This prevents him from shooting the ball. If the ball is above the head flip your hand up. This will make it so the player loses the ball and you steal it. Slide with the player when he moves try to take away the path he’s going. You want stay in front of him not on the side of him or else it’s a foul. Keep your head lower than his and…

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  • The Influence Of Life In My Life

    People go around the world influencing each other lives positivity and negativity all the time. Throughout my nineteen years. I have met many people who have influenced me. One person though really stands out. No this person isn’t my mom or dad. Which they both are really important and have influenced me in so many ways, I can’t even thank them enough for everything. I have decided to write about somebody who has always been there to keep me on track and pushing me to do better. He has been my…

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  • Homeschooling Analysis

    In first place was your father, the noisy bald-headed man acted more like a moonstruck fitness coach for someone who was about to enter the olympics rather than an actual Dad. Even though your father acted like a coach with no chill, he still managed to treat your three other bothers- I mean, brothers, with more respect than you ever received. Thus you diligently worked hard ever since you were young to earn your father’s respect and liking. At 4:00 a.m you used to awaken and slip your…

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  • Water Polo Injury Essay

    In 2012 there were four deaths in relation to water polo, hundreds of reported serious injuries and even more minor injuries. With a death rate of 1.06, beaten only by men's softball; a sport to be wary of is water polo because of the constant threat of injuries. Water polo is a game played by swimmers in a pool with seven players on each side. The ball used is like a volleyball thrown into the opponent's net. Sounds simple now but it is not,the game is so much more then that. Three types of…

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  • The Celebrated Jumping Frog Analysis

    The following writing represents a review and criticism of Twain's short story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." This short story is one of Twain's earliest literary successes and most accomplished early sketches, this 2,600-word narrative was written following a three-month stay at Jackass Hill and Angel's Camp in California's Calaveras County in late 1864 and early 1865. The tale is told using the structure of a traditional Southwestern frame story, wherein a gentle, educated…

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  • Chance Is Dribbling The Game

    Problem Chance was dribbling the ball when he heard his dad’s familiar voice “CHANCE GET BACK IN HERE AND WORK ON YOUR SONG!”. This was an average thing for Chance, his dad was a famous rapper so it was obvious that he wanted Chance to be a professional rapper too. Chance walked into his huge mansion with spiral staircases at the entrance and platinum records all over the walls. As soon as he walked in his butler, Ferdinand, told him that his father was in the studio. Chance walked into the…

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  • Analysis Of 'Dora The Explorer Want To Be In The WNBA'

    when she goes to her first game at home she realizes she doesn’t have any basketball skill at all. She watches all the other players make shots left and right during warm up but when she goes up for a three-pointer she completely misses. So she decides to go closer to the basket and shoot from there. She walks up to the free-throw line and shoots the ball. She air-balled it. “Ugh why can’t I make any shots,” she said. She kept on practicing her shooting and when she couldn’t make any shots…

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