Character Analysis Of Doug Swieteck In 'Okay For Now'

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Doug Swieteck is a boy who is abused by his father in the novel Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt. The abuse of Doug is shown very well in Audubon's picture, the Brasilian Caracara Eagle. In the picture, there are two birds. One of the birds is on the branch getting attacked by the bird that is above it. The bird that is the attacker is like Doug's father, Mr. Swieteck and the defenseless bird that is below is like Doug. The similarity between the birds and Doug can be seen in the opening scene of the novel, when Doug has recieved a signed Yankees baseball cap from Joe Pepitone. Unfortunately, Doug's brother takes the cap and gives it to his friend who gives it to another friend named Glenn Dillard. While driving in a car with the top down, …show more content…
In the picture, there is a bird that is sitting on a rock. He has, after much hard work, finally caught his prize: a fish. The Belted Kingfisher is just like my experience with basketball. Before this summer, I was not very good at basketball. I could not make any shots, and whenever I tried to dribble, somebody would steal the ball away from me. As school ended, I was feeling dejected. Then I decided that I would improve my game over the summer and try to make the ninth grade basketball team. But, there was a problem. I was going to India for the whole summer, as usual, and I did not have a hoop or a basketball there. When I got to India, I asked my uncle if he could buy me a basketball and find a court for me to practice on. He found me a basketball, but he was still trying to find a court. When I got the basketball, I knew that if my uncle did not find a court, then I would not get better. Therefore, I decided not to waste any time and practiced my dribbling every day for at least an hour. Then two weeks before we were going to leave India, my uncle found a court. Unfortunately, it was not in the way that I had expected. I had expected there to be an empty court but instead, I would play with a team from a local school. At first, I thought that I would do terrible, but to my surprise, my hard work with the ball paid off. My dribbling skills had gotten much better, and during the two weeks that I practiced with the team, I improved my shot. When we got back home to Atlanta, I continued to practice and for the first time, I beat my friend at on-on-one on Labor Day weekend. Now, I still have one goal remaining. I want to make the ninth grade basketball team and for this, I have to improve my shot. This is just like Audubon's picture because even though the bird on the rock has got the fish, two Kingfishers' are coming to take it away. Just like my goal, the bird on the

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