Sleeping Murder

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  • Nancy Drew As New Girl Wonder Analysis

    of possibility: “Nancy’s license to engage in extra-domestic activity and participate in the conventionally male universe of mystery and adventure serves to liberate her from restrictive codes of female conduct.” (Siegel 1997, 174) She rejected many social conventions of the past and embodied the ambiguity of shifting expectations for feminine behaviour in the 1930s. As I will argue, this is particularly true in terms of Nancy Drew’s interrogation style and interactions with male characters; however, this is not as evident in descriptions of her physical appearance. Nancy Drew was not the only female detective to appear in the 1930s. Agatha Christie, for example, published her first novel staring amateur detective Miss Jane Marple, The Murder at the Vicarage, just six months after the first Nancy Drew story hit shelves. Miss Marple upholds many female stereotypes when it comes to her interrogation style; an elderly spinster, Miss Marple and the other women in the village of St. Mary’s Mead collect clues through gossip. While she is observant, often incidentally gathering evidence simply by being out in her garden, Marple has no set procedure for discovering clues. Though she is interested in local mysteries, Marple does not interrogate suspects, nor does she actively pursue information (Christie 2011). She portrays more traditional ideas of femininity: a woman who stays home, socializes and is somewhat nosy – not necessarily intelligent, but certainly observant.…

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  • The Body In The Library Character Analysis

    development of the facts recovered by Miss Marple; they then are turned into a stone cold foundation of evidence. Throughout pages 1-71, the setting changes from Gossington Hall, to the Dance Hall where Josephine Turner and Ruby Keene were both employed at the time of the murder. During pages 72-141, more details surrounding the murder of Ruby Keene are beginning to become uncovered, motives are being released, and alibis are being given. The characters introduced throughout this portion of the…

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  • Snow White: The Development Of Gender Stereotypes

    experiment was conducted asking a mixed group of female and males to write a list of jobs and traits for males and females. The experiment revealed, “most of the secretary, assistant, or housework was categorized under female while lawyers, CEOs, and higher-up positions were designated to males; and [the] same held true when testing for personality traits” (Green). We accept tales as they are and as we grow up, we learn from the books we read and the characters we admire, hence children are…

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  • Snow White Research Paper

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the story of Snow White who is exceptionally beautiful whose jealous stepmother orders for her murder but later realises that she is alive somewhere far away with seven dwarfs. This is when she visits Snow White disguised as a hag and drugs her with a poisonous apple that puts her to sleep which could be broken only by the kiss of true love. Cinderella tells us the story of a young woman who ends up living with her wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters after…

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  • Gender And Power In Fairytales

    to talk about how language gender and power are portrayed in children’s fairytales. Fairytales are those innocent and indispensable bedtime stories that have practically been a child’s practice for many generations. For instance, who hasn’t heard of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White? We all grew up with these bedtime stories and are so familiar with their tales and characters that we scarcely have the time to figure out the real message which they are trying to convey through them.…

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  • Aarushi Talwar Film Analysis

    Based on the Aarushi Talwar murder case, the film doesn't borrow its title from the victim's surname. It refers to that ignored sword held by the Insaaf ki murti, symbolic of the keepers of the law. Their inadequacies are summarised in a dialogue in the film: "Aksar log dekhne ko chook jaate hain ke insaaf ki murti ke haath mein ek talvar bhi hain. Uss talvar mein zung lag gaya hain." The movie has shown the lessor known facts to the audience about the murder mystery, which after the release of…

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  • Bluebeard-Robber Bridegroom Analysis

    oblivious to the things around her. She was only saved due to a bit of stalling and a lot of circumstance. Stripped of cleverness, will power, and even a name, she has little to no personality and any traits she does have reflect poorly on her. In addition to the changes he made to the story, one could note his arrogance in adding not one, but two morals at the end, since people could not take his meaning from reading it on their own. Though translated differently in different books, still…

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  • Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson Analysis

    Karen Kelly and Ralph Myers are accused of the murders. Myers attempts to minimize his sentence by saying that he has witnessed McMillian at the scene of the murder. McMillan claims that he was nowhere near the murder scene. The new sheriff, Tom Tate is pressured to find a suspect and end the case. He is willing to charge the innocent for the murder. Although there is no evidence that McMillian was involved in the murder the court charges him and he placed in jail. 7 Stevenson describes cases in…

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  • Isolation In Susan Glaspell's Of Mice And Men

    Wright was not mentally ill and that the murder was justified: “[Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters] reflect her husband would not have liked a thing that sang and would have silenced it as he silenced the singing Minnie. As they share and ponder, the mundane details of Minnie 's life lead Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters to comprehend what their husbands do not: the motive for the murder” (Holstein 283-284). That quote shows how the women knew who the murderer was and why she killed her husband. Considering…

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  • The Friar In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    The Friar is at fault for the murders of Young Romeo of Montague and Juliet of Capulet. There is multiple reasons why the holy man is to blame for the young lover’s deaths. The Friar made poor decisions when he got involved with Romeo and Juliet, he was also extremely irresponsible. Even though the Friar tried to help, he wasn’t good at it. The Friar misjudged an ample amount of situations during the story, which ended badly in Romeo and Juliet’s favor. For example the Friar thought that their…

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