The Body In The Library Character Analysis

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The Body in the Library, a novel written by Agatha Christie in the early twentieth century, women play a very vital role in helping to uncover the hidden truths throughout the novel (Thinkers View). Agatha Christie, a woman author who could be described as being a feminist, primarily wrote novels about detective fiction, mysteries, and secrets. Christies works symbolized the battle women during this time period were faced with while fighting for enhancement and equality of their rights. The main character of the novel Miss Marple was an elderly village woman who could be described as having the inside scoop on everything that happens. Miss Marple stood for more than just being an elderly lady, she was used as a symbol to show that women were …show more content…
Female Characters played a significant role in the advancement of the novel, The Body in the Library, because they provided valuable information, perspectives, and were the main characters throughout the storyline because of their unique symbolism.
The novel, The Body in the Library, begins at the home of Colonial and Dolly Bantry with the uncovering of a blonde haired woman sprawled in the middle of the floor by the maid (Thinkers Views). The discovery of the body quickly spreads to the outsiders such as the inspector, Miss Marple, and the town’s people. The excerpt “Oh ma 'am, oh ma 'am, there 's a body in the library! And then, with a hysterical burst of

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