Gender And Power In Fairytales

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Talk on Language, Gender and Power in Fairytales:
Hello, I’m going to talk about how language gender and power are portrayed in children’s fairytales.
Fairytales are those innocent and indispensable bedtime stories that have practically been a child’s practice for many generations. For instance, who hasn’t heard of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White? We all grew up with these bedtime stories and are so familiar with their tales and characters that we scarcely have the time to figure out the real message which they are trying to convey through them.
Fairytales often convey a very stereotypical gender role which can have a strong influence on children, engaging them to have a comparatively comprehensive knowledge about modern gender and how they are expected to behave in society.
In our favorite fairytales, women, espacially the sweet
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This visual presentation captures itself in the child’s brain throughout their life and unconsciously they believe that their life is also going to be like a fairytale, where everything will be perfect.
Beauty is shown in such a important stand that in the classic tale of ‘Snow White’ the queen wants to kill the princess in order to be ‘the fairest’ which again is a bad influence to children teaching them to go up to the level of ‘attempt to murder’ to obtain beauty. It teaches children to be narcissistic in order to gain beauty, also the competition to be the most beautiful woman in the world, even if it means having your own daughter’s flesh and blood is very much of a appalling influence towards

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