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  • The Role Of Violence In TV Shows

    Violent humor floods our television screens. Many viewers perceive these aggressive scenes as humorous. Potter (2002) suggests, “The media continually and profoundly affect everyone, and when the messages are violent, people are at risk for a variety of negative effects” (p. 31). On the other hand, “audiences have also demonstrated some ability to resist the power of media representations and even to deconstruct various versions of violent reality,” (Barak 2003, p 192). Such debate remains widespread within today’s society, with many television shows said to influence viewers. Looking specifically at MTV’s controversial Jackass films and TV shows, my study would explore the effect(s) of hyper-realistic violence on our collective understanding of humor, as both audiences and performers. An issue, which has captivated both audiences and analysts of the media, violence includes “actions that inflict, threaten, or cause injury” (Jackman, 2002). More specifically, television violence is “the overt expression of physical force against self or other, compelling action against one’s will on pain of being hurt or killed, or actually hurting or killing” (Gerbner, 1970, p. 31). With an average of 6.2 violent acts or threats committed on our screens each hour, the issues surrounding aggressive behavior and its possible influence have become widespread in our society (Fowles, 1999, p 4). Theorists believe actions portrayed in entertainment television can often trigger imitation,…

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  • How Do Television Affect Families

    Television’s Impact on America’s Families Violent Television Shows Have Encouraged People to Be More Violent Walk into any home that has children across the country, and one will see thousands of children watching television shows for mature audiences. During the early evening of July 2, 2000, a young boy named Scott began watching television without his parents monitoring him. He would come home every day after school and begin watching television, even if he had more important things to do,…

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  • Tv Show Career

    High school and college years are defining times for teenagers because it is the time where many students begin to discover a career path they want engage in for the rest of their life. However, many people do not know that this formative time of their life can easily be influenced by outside sources. One of the main outside sources people are engaging in is watching television. The average person aged fifteen and older spends approximately 2.8 hours per day watching television (“American Time…

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  • Modern Television Has Affected American Culture

    Matt was cheering for the Atlanta Falcons as they scored the winning touchdown, while Jessica catching up on the latest episode of The Flash, and her parents were watching a reality show in their home theater. All eyes in the house were glued to a screen. Television plays a huge role in American culture. Television has made families more isolated and the whole nation more divided. Television has made families more isolated. In the past years, families used to huddle together on the sofa…

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  • Child Media Influence

    This paper looks at the influence media has on a child’s development and education, with its focus of media-tech, educational children’s television, and the possession of technology such as phones, tablets, and computers during the early age. It isn’t until the past few decades that media and technology has immersed itself into society and the easy accessibility of technology has made its way into families and children. Media has become the main outlet for socialization in children and kids…

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  • Racial Identity On Television

    Television has proved to be an important factor in representing the identities of a vast and diverse America. As a powerful medium, television functioned as a way to observe people of different color, race, and ethnicity. The impact of the medium in representing a certain race has had a powerful influence on one’s attitude towards another person based on these depictions as seen on TV. More often than not, TV’s portrayals of the subordinate group in the United States had not been ideal compared…

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  • The Impact Of Television On Children

    For my annotated bibliography, I have chosen the topic of Telecommunication History, more specifically, television. I will be looking at how television has impacted society since its debut in 1927. More specifically, I will be looking at the effect television has had on children. The idea that television may play a role in children’s behaviour is a very controversial topic. There are some key factors that determine whether or not a television program has any effect on children. The first one…

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  • The Impact Of Television On Education

    Television is considered to be an important invention of this century. Gone are the days when black and white TV first came into our houses, and we all look forward to our favorite shows and at that time it was considered just as the tool of entertainment. Today television has evolved so much that it has fundamentally transformed everyone lives. People can watch news, sports, soaps and various channels also offering children’s television series and educational programs on engineering, science,…

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  • Tv Influence On American Culture

    The popularity of televisions has increased drastically since its beginning. With visually interesting images, and highly entertaining programs, televisions can command the attention of their audiences for hours. Watching television can help young viewers to develop ideas and a view of the world around them. TVs also influence the attitudes and behaviors people have, not just towards themselves but also the people around them. With the stronghold of television media, public opinions and cultures…

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  • Social Media Vs Tv Research Paper

    Social media is where people such as teen and adults get their resources/information, by watching television. Television when I was younger was cool, fun and catchy; television today is like a train wreck, too many reality shows filled with drama. As an aspect of that television when I was a child was more appropriate to watch rather than television now. Who is responsible for the stop of the good old days? Back when you can watch a show or certain channel without having to worry about you or…

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