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  • The Legend Of Haleakala Analysis

    The legend of Haleakala describes a demigod named Maui who stood on the summit of the volcano and lassoed the sun from the sky in order to slow its decent and create a longer day ( Thus, creating the name of the volcano, Haleakala, which means “house of the sun” in Hawaiian language. It is quite appropriate to create experiences of watching the sun rise and set, not only just a beautiful natural phenomenon, but as an appreciation of the mythological history behind it. Not everyone believes in such narratives, but perhaps these narratives, fictional or not, are put into place to create and maintain the connection between spirituality and nature. Maui, the demigod, and humans have altered nature for personal preferences. However,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Hawaii

    Not every amazing adventure starts with a blood pumping start; sometimes it’s the quiet starts that are the best trips. The plane was quiet as everyone slept their way through the flight. The only sounds heard were the gentle hum of the plane and the soft footsteps of the flight stewardesses. I was still awake looking over the expanse of the ocean seeing nothing but the waves in the water and the occasional cloud float by with it all being illuminated by the glow of the moon. As we approached…

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  • Maui Dolphin Research Paper

    Maui Dolphins Maui dolphins are the rarest species of america at the moment, approximately there are 63 adult maui dolphins left. They are very interesting because of how different they are compared to the other dolphin species. They are found off the west coast of New Zealand's North island. Have you ever heard about a dolphin with a round back fin? Well if you have to check out the Maui dolphin. These dolphins are not only rare but they do have such a lighter skin tone than other dolphins.…

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  • Maui Family Violence Case Study

    The Maui family is a family of four children; 3 boys and a girl living with their parents in a small town. The Maui family seem like an ordinary family but they a caught up in a cycle of violence that has been passed down from many generations. The father Buck was brought up that to be respected and seen as a man that he needed to use violence to achieve this and tells his partner that he is the man of the house and that she needs to serve him and do all the female jobs in the house. The…

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  • Maui Ocean Club External Analysis

    Analysis Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club is one of the many establishments under Marriot International that endeavors to avail a comfortable and memorable experience in their clients’ coastal ventures. It has to compete for consumers with other resorts under its parent company. Other resorts situated in Hawaii are under the Marriot, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Courtyard brands. Additionally, this resort faces stiff competition from many other brands offering the same services and amenities to locals…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Maui Like Never Before

    Maui Like Never Before Traveling to new and tropical places has always been a passion of mine. When I think of the word “vacation,” the first three things that come to mind are airports, hotel rooms, and the electrifying beach activities. Not too long ago, I took my third trip to Hawaii with my parents and my amazing boyfriend, Trey. Not only was it enjoyable, but it was an unforgettable experience filled with an abundance of happiness and laughter. On March 23rd at 4 am the first alarm…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day In Maui, Hawaii

    Blood filled eyes Have you ever been on vacation? Assuming you have, did your parents plan it all out? My parents planned out each day in Maui, Hawaii. And today was the day we were going hiking through the thick Hawaiian jungle and do a little cliff jumping. The hike was about 6 hours and we were going to three cliff jumping areas. The first one was about fifteen feet. I was the first one off and then my dad and brothers. Because we were inland in the jungle all the water was fresh and cool.…

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  • Story Of Moana And Maui Holds Up Against Cultural Truths By Doug Herman

    “How the Story of Moana and Maui Holds Up Against Cultural Truths” is an article written by Doug Herman that compares the Disney movie Moana to the cultural beliefs that it is based on. The movie Moana involves the protagonist named Moana and her adventure to return the stolen heart of Tifi Ti with Maui the demigod helping her return what he stole. The characters within the movie Moana are based upon the Polynesian myths to create this story. The author Doug Herman’s purpose in creating this…

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  • A Trip To Hawaii Essay

    I would like to go to Maui, Hawaii. Maui, Hawaii has many colorful beaches and tourist activities. The weather is warm with lots of rain. However, when it is not raining, the scenery is amazing. The exotic colorful flowers and trees is a great reason to visit. Not to mention the colorful animals that live there. Maui is just such an amazing place that I would really like to visit. The island has many national landmarks. Three great landmarks in Maui are Haleakala, Molokini Crater, and Dragons…

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  • Hawaiian Legends Essay

    down from olelo because in the past they didn’t need to write. Hawaiians believed in polytheism, or many gods who controlled certain things. This caused the ancient stories to arise, and begin to be passed on to keep the story alive. The greatest legends passed down are of the night marchers, the menehune, and the legends of Maui because they showed morals for the ancient Hawaiian people, they were also the most interesting and creative ones compared to the other stories. These legends are some…

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